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It’ll be interesting to see how Bam and co. procure the ‘object’ Mascheny wants in Tower of God Chapter 524. Because right now, the stakes are quite high; I mean, there’s no way to exit the suspendum. In addition to that, Jinsung Ha describing Mascheny as a big python only makes her more menacing. 

Let’s not forget the whole war situation at hand too. Not going to lie, there’s just too much going on for the past few chapters. And the fans are jumping in excitement for the upcoming chapter. Here is all the details you need to prepare for what’s coming next in Bam’s journey.

About Tower of God:

Tower of God is a webtoon written and illustrated by S.I.U. It has been serialized in Naver Corporation’s webtoon platform Naver Webtoon since June 2010. Furthermore, Tower of God received official English translations by Line Webtoon beginning in July 2014.

Tower of God centers around a boy named Twenty-Fifth Bam. For the most of his life, he was trapped beneath a vast and mysterious Tower, with his only friend – Rachel. And, when Rachel enters the Tower, Bam is devastated. But later on, he manages to open the door too and is ready to go to any lengths to find Rachel. 

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A Brief Recap of Tower of God Chapter 523:

As Baam and his friends enter inside The Nest, Mascheny connects with them and have a talk. The Princess of Jahad very quickly asserts her dominance in the conversation and show the participants their fragile positions. Apart from that, she proposes a deal to Baam in order to let Jinsung Ha walk freely.

bam khun and rak tower of god

She says that Bam has to go in the suspendum to procure an unknown object and bring it to her. Seeing that there’s no other way and his master’s life is on the line too, Bam agrees. And so does Khun, Raak, Hwaryun and others too. On the other hand, the Cat Twer’s portal opens up and Love is drowning in a state of confusion.

At the other end of the warp device where Lyborick is, Mayer and Canidi arrives. Also, it is revealed that Lyborick was chosen for the job to prepare for the upcoming strife. Moreover, they also talk about whether ‘The One’ will make an appearance or not. 

mascheny tower of god

In the next scene, we see Mascheny preparing the teleporter to seal Jinsung Ha. Not to mention, she was also talking to someone earlier and it seems like she’s not following the orders. In all, she’s not just a young water snake but a python too big to remain in the sea. 

What Can Happen In The Next Chapter?

Tower of God Chapter 524 will begin a new journey of Bam and his friends in the suspendum to find the ‘object’. And on the other hand, we also have the conspiracy to catch the irregular in the facade of a war. 

tower of god bam

It’s going to be interesting to see how SIU enacts both of these agendas in a single mission. Because right now, Bam is skating on thin ice and it doesn’t look like he has a lot of time. 

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Tower of God Chapter 524 Release Date:

Tower of God Chapter 524 is all set to release on January 2, 2022. Every new chapter of the manhwa gets released weekly, on Sundays.

Where To Read It?

You can read the latest chapters of the hit manhwa from Webtoon and Kaminotou.


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