Is Captain America Dead in Falcon and The Winter Soldier?


By the end of Endgame, we saw Captain America return from the time machine with a ring on his finger and old.

Just dead or actually dead?

Captain America in Endgame after time travel

We knew from ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home‘ that Cap maybe dead or just dead according to the people as he is not in his younger form.

The events of Endgame are not clear to many people. Even now, many think blip is just a theory. So, there are chances that how the Avengers saved the people might be kept away from common knowledge.

That could also explain why many thought Captain America died in the battle. But the new trailer of Falcon and the Winter Soldier shows some scenes which may give clues about Cap’s funeral.

Funeral or just a tribute?

Sam Wilson- Falcon And The Winter Soldier

While many fans think it’s just a tribute, a closer look at it might also point to the fact that Steve Rogers is no more.

One particular scene is where we get a glimpse of many highly decorated soldiers standing, and another would be a shot of Sam holding the shield before a wall with Cap’s painting.

Fugitive to Hero

As of before the Thanos battle, Cap and gang were known fugitives according to the state because they chose to support Bucky, so it didn’t make sense for us that people were paying tribute in Far From Home.

Now there is a chance that people got to know what Steve Rogers did, and the people started to love him even more.

If all this is true, what we see here points to Cap’s death, then that means it is time Sam and Bucky became serious about keeping his legacy without any blemish.

The next Captain America


With the way Sam is looking at the shield, it seems like he will be dropping it at that place and leaving. If that is true, then there are chances that the government gets a hold of this and recruits another person as Captain America.

That could pave the entry for Wyatt Russel. With Zemo still on the loose and his new-found mission, let’s just hope Wilson decides to take up the shield soon.

Many clues point towards Cap being dead but let’s just hope it’s like Nick Fury and his grave.

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