Falcon and The Winter Soldier New Trailer: Everything You Need To Know


Marvel sure knows how to keep its fans hyped. With the Falcon and the Winter Soldier new trailer released during the Super Bowl, Marvel fans are buzzing around collecting every clue they could.

With the Disney plus series about to stream just a few weeks from now, Marvel is getting its arsenal stocked for promotions. With a lot of new clues from the trailer, let us help break it down for you.

New Look


Bucky is seen with a striking black Wakandan Vibranium arm with golden lines, and Wilson with his perfectly fit red and white theme suit.

Wilson sticks to his old hairdo while Bucky chops off his hair and returns to the old hairstyle from The First Avenger.

Zemo is back


Zemo is back and is back with a mission. He is just a psychopath who wanted revenge and would do anything and sacrifice anyone for that in Civil War, but now it looks like he has an army and is back to destroying every Avenger.

Yeah, like that would be easy!

Sharon Carter


By helping Sam and Cap escape, Sharon became a fugitive. According to some leaked images, we know the government is still searching for Sharon. Well, so are half of the Avengers.

Now, she is back helping Bucky and Wilson, and it looks like she developed mad fighting skills.

The Hello Girl

While fighting someone on the top of a container vehicle, Falcon slips and is hanging by the end, and Wilson chose to make fun of him.

While that moment definitely gives us a giggle, Falcon calls the girl “Hello girl” I don’t know what that means, but according to some fans, that girl is from the Flag-Smasher army, that might be in cahoots with Zemo.

This one is also seen in Marvel’s poster, which makes her an important character.



Couples Therapy


I don’t know how they both redeemed themselves, but Bucky and Sam are no more fugitives. But somehow, they ended up in couples counseling.

With the track record of both, I guess it was probably court-mandated. With the trailer giving us a glimpse of how childish they both behave, we now know who will bring the comedic factor to the series.

‘Who the Hello girl?’ is and ‘what will War Machine do?’, and ‘who convinces Sam to take the shield?’ will only be answered on March 19, so stay tuned!








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