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There’s More Than Meets The Eye With Wanda And Strange’s Multiverse Conversation

The Los Angeles Rams may have taken home the trophy for winning the 56th Super Bowl but the real winners of Sunday, February 13, were Marvel fans. Eager viewers were treated to two new trailers during the culminating event of football season.

One of those teasers was the 30-second spot for the upcoming Disney+ show “Moon Knight,” giving viewers a closer look at Oscar Isaac’s next big project. Marvel Studios also served up an entire meal with a new full-length “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” trailer, which teased some of the universe-changing events to come in the MCU.

The “Doctor Strange” sequel is directed by Sam Raimi, whose work on the original “Spider-Man” trilogy is still regarded among the best superhero fare of all time. Benedict Cumberbatch returns in the Phase 4 feature to reprise the role of Stephen Strange, aka Doctor Strange.

He is joined by Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff, a character who hasn’t been seen in the MCU since the end of “WandaVision.” The finale of the Disney+ series not only reveals Wanda’s transformation into the Scarlet Witch but also shows her discovering the true extent of her magical powers.


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In the hours since the trailer was released, fans have dissected it frame-by-frame for clues, and some believe they’ve found a big one related to Wanda’s intentions when we finally see her again.

There’s more than meets the eye with Wanda and Strange’s multiverse conversation

It appears the Scarlet Witch is, a capable master of illusions, is still crafting intricate visions of reality. At least, that’s what fans believe after picking up on two intriguing shots from the newest “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” trailer.

In the “Wandavision” finale, Wanda flees to a remote location where she begins to study the Darkhold and learn how to control her previously unpredictable, often terrifying powers. Now, she’s featured heavily in the second “Doctor Strange” sequel trailer, and, as a result, we are getting a clearer understanding of the person Wanda has become.

Two brief moments in the trailer stick out to fans in regards to Wanda’s readiness to use and ability to wield illusions. First, at the 49-second mark, we see her talking with Doctor Strange (via YouTube). The two stroll through a lush, green orchard as Strange asks, “What do you know about the multiverse?”


Then, at the 1-minute, 48-second mark, it seems the two characters are in the same location, but the scenery has changed. Wanda is not in regular clothes; instead, she wears her Scarlet Witch costume and faces Strange against what looks like a magical red backdrop.

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The trailer may want fans to believe these two shots come from different scenes in the movie, but folks are not as easily deceived as Doctor Strange seems to be.

Fans can’t wait to find out more about Wanda and these scenes

As sleuthing fan u/LongjumpingTrainer83 pointed out on Reddit, the blocking and framing of these two “Multiverse of Madness” trailer scenes appear to be identical, with Wanda framed over Stephen’s shoulder and vice verse. Moreover, Stephen wears the same outfit in both scenes, down to the same scarf, which hangs loosely over a blue jacket.

It was an illusion ? from marvelstudios

Furthermore, in one shot the trees in the orchard are in bloom, while in another they’re barren. If this theory is correct, the most likely explanation is that one of the two setting is an illusion created by Wanda’s spells. Multiple fellow Redditors were thrilled by this discovery, like u/PeterParker72, who remarked, “Very nice catch. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.”


At this point in the MCU’s timeline, such a spell would be child’s play for Wanda. After all, she successfully hexed an entire town in “WandaVision.” Fans are now speculating over the implications of her reality-warping powers. Redditor u/Rich_Acanthisitta_70 commented, “I have a feeling she’ll be the villain.

At first. I think it’s a feint for a bigger bad in the second act though.” Additionally, u/Bruhmangoddman wrote, “The MCU deserves its fair share of fallen heroes and raging psychopaths. If Wanda manages to be both, I’m all in.”

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