What If? Episode 5: What Happened To Scott Lang’s Body?

A picture of What If? Episode 5

More than a month has passed since Marvel dropped its animated series What If…? The writers have left no stone unturned to surprise the watchers. This was the fifth week, and Marvel dropped a Zombie Apocalypse episode. The world’s mightiest heroes were now turned into the World’s deadliest heroes.

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Our very own Ant-Man, Scott Lang managed to survive becoming a zombie. But how?

10 minutes into the episode, we discovered that Janet van Dyne, wife of Hank Pan got infected with Quantum Virus in the Quantum realm. Her husband found her and was the first to be attacked by her. Hank Pan was the major carrier of the virus to the Avengers.

What If Episode 5 Easter Eggs & Breakdown

As soon as Hank returns from Quantum reals he finds Hope and attacks her. Luckily she escapes becoming a WASP. But unfortunately, he attacks Scott. Hank was also the villain in episode 3 of What If…?.

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Cut to the scene when Peter and the team manage to discover Vision. We spot Scott’s head inside a space helmet without his body. “NO WAY” – that’s what Peter said!!

Vision is the reason the zombies do not come into Camp Lehigh. The frequency emitted by the Mind Stone keeps them at bay. Vision has successfully helped Scott to return to normal. Sort of. His head is in a jar and he has some pretty terrible dad jokes.

Below is a snip from today’s episode:

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