What’s Next For Florence Pugh? Check Out Her Upcoming Movies

Florence Pugh's Massive MCU Future Explained

Florence Pugh upcoming movies: Actor Florence Pugh will be playing the character of Yelena Belova in the upcoming Black Widow film. As we draw nearer to the release date, the highly anticipated film has sparked a lot of interest in Pugh.

Pugh will be playing the sister character of Natasha Romanoff. Many sneak peeks we have got to date of Black Widow have shown Pugh and Johansson together a lot. They’ve been shown in matching costumes too.

We’re not sure if Yelena will be a character who is a friend or a foe to our Black Widow. The Black Widow movie will be available for streaming on July 9 in India.

Upcoming Florence Pugh Movies?

Although the future projects of the actor have been quite unclear and yet to be announced, we know that she has a lot in front of her. Before Black Widow, Pugh has worked in several hit projects including theatrical-based movies like King Lear and Lady Macbeth.

Pugh was also seen in Midsommar and Little Women. Therefore, it’s clear that the actor is not new to the film industry.

Ahead of the Black Widow release, here are two upcoming movies of Florence Pugh to look out for.

Who Is Yelena Belova? Everything You Need To Know About Black Widow's Red Room Sister

The Maid

Variety reported that Florence Pugh will be starring in a murder mystery titled The Maid. in addition, Pugh will also be producing the film for Universal Pictures.

The Maid is based on Nita Prose’s debut novel titled the same. The story is reported to be a combination of elements from the world’s top murder mystery authors like Agatha Christie and others.

A maid named Molly works for people and leaves each room perfectly clean. However, as she continues to work, she gets to know each dirty secret the rooms of the house hold.

The release date and the full cast have not yet been revealed for The Maid.

Don’t Worry Darling

Directed by Olivia Wilde, Don’t Worry Darling is yet another psychological and thriller film. Pugh is also beginning her production as the female lead in this film.

The cast of Don’t Worry Darling also includes singer Harry Styles who is the boyfriend of director Olivia Wilde. Other cast includes Gemma Chan, Chris Pine, and Nick Kroll among others.

Sneak peek of Don't Worry Darling

The story revolves around a 1950s housewife and her husband who live in a peaceful community. But suspense rises when the wife notices strange events happening. This leads her to suspect that her husband may be hiding deep and dark secrets.

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