Black Widow: Tony Stark To Meet Natasha In The Soul World


Believe it or not, the Black Widow movie has been tossed around so much that fans are tired even when the topic comes up.

Not What It Deserves!

The Black Widow movie, which actually deserves a proper treatment than what it is currently going through, may finally come to the theaters on its now confirmed dates.

Frankly, we think the people at Marvel Studios are equally annoyed like us with this pandemic. After all that Natasha did, she deserves on last proper hurrah.

While the movie is finally about to hit the theaters this summer, now the hype it finally deserves is coming around. It all started with fans thinking RDJ might actually make a cameo in the movie.

A Cameo From A Stark!

The movie will probably have cameos from other MCU characters, but the most expected one has been Tony Stark.

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According to some fan theories, Tony, who has died in the Endgame, may make an appearance in the movie.

It is confirmed by many that the movie will take place between Civil War and Infinity War. So, many thought Tony Stark might make a small cameo at first as he was alive during that time.

New Fan Theory

But guess what? This new theory makes more sense than the previous one. According to this new theory, fans think that the Black Widow movie will have one last post-credits scene.

The scene is supposedly between Tony Stark and Natasha in the Soul World. We previously saw Thanos and Gamora meet each other like that, and fans think Tony will meet Natasha on his way to the next plane of existence.

This might be something we can keep an eye out for because many fans firmly believe that there was deleted scene in the Endgame movie where Tony Stark met his daughter in the soul realm. Fans think that in the same way, Tony will meet Natasha

Other Cameos


Another confirmed cameo will be our Hawk-eyed Avenger, Clint Barton.

There are chances that we finally get to know what happened in Budapest, so it is confirmed that Barton would play some kind of role in the movie.

With the movie about to release soon, we know we will hear more about other Avengers cameos when they start the press tour.

With the pandemic wreaking havoc everywhere, we probably might have a virtual press tour so, get your questions ready and wait for a chance or just hope someone asks it for you.

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