Why Did Matilda From ‘The Entitled’ Steal Money From Enrico’s Company?


The newly released movie “The Entitled” comes with a little bit of drama and a plot twist nobody expected. Here’s all about it: 

Who is Matilda?

Matilda is Enrico’s wife, Caitlyn’s mother, and Belinda’s stepmother. She is one of the few people who found Belinda funny in the start. She was very kind to her and helped her become sophisticated. She even helps Belinda get comfortable with her new lifestyle. She would stand up for Belinda when her daughter Caitlyn was mean and mistreated her. She gave everybody the idea that she believed in her and supported her. One might have the first impression of this character as sweet, helpful, kind, and loving, but this impression will not last until the movie’s end since she tries to steal money from her husband’s company.

What was Matilda’s plan?

Matilda had a very simple plan. With Attorney Jacob’s help, she makes Belinda sign some papers, leading to her getting 30 million pesos every month. She helped with Belinda’s transformation for the same reason so that Belinda would become the COO of the company and she could use her.  And after Enrico found out that someone had stolen the money, Matilda blamed it on Belinda. In case you are wondering, Why did Belinda’s Father Never Reach Out To Her Before? We have a detailed article on that.


Why did Matilda steal the money?

Sweet and kind Matilda turns out to be greedy in the end. She believed stealing was the only way she could get money from Enrico. He revealed in the end that they had signed a prenuptial agreement, which would hold her back from getting money from Enrico, but he thought she was okay with it. He even explains that when she discovered he had a daughter before they married, she started searching for Belinda. 

If you haven’t watched The Entitled yet, you watch the movie on Netflix. The movie is about how Belinda bumbles her way through a new, sophisticated lifestyle with the help of a charming lawyer after learning her estranged father is a hotel mogul.

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