Robert Downey Jr Top 10 Savage Moments

A picture of Robert Downey Jr

I don’t give a crap on what you say, but Robert Downey Jr is the coolest actor ever. Let it be on-screen or off-screen; the man is savage AF and makes our stomach hurt.

We the fans have gone to an extent to swear we will never see anyone take Iron Man‘s place in the MCU. And frankly, we don’t think anyone can do justice to that role than RDJ. Time and again, Downey Jr proves to us that he is the funniest, savage, kindest and one of the most talented actors in Hollywood.

Here we are today to make your day bright and funny with the top 10 savage moments from RDJ. I swear there have been days I just look at his humorous videos and my day gets better. So, passing that smile to you.

Iron Man 3 Press Conference, Paris

RDJ has been very open about his charges in substance abuse and that he went to prison for it. He has added many times to his speeches that without Susan Downey, he would be busting tables. Something as emotional as this can only be made funnier by Downey Jr. In a press conference for Iron Man in Paris, Gwyneth Paltrow spoke in French, and the audience was amazed by her fluency. Now RDJ being who he is, immediately intervened with one of his best dialogues yet, “They Don’t teach French in Jail!

Twitter and RDJ

From calling Mark Ruffalo to help Chris Evans to figure out technology, to come up with something that entirely would’ve been Tony Stark‘s reaction, He rocks Twitter. One of the funniest tweet till date will be RDJ sharing a meme and commenting, “Who knew @TomHolland1996 would be my ride around town?

Diva Downey


While promoting Avengers movie on Jimmy Kimmel Show, a fan asked the cast, “Who is the Diva in the group?” And she came up with the answer that she thinks it is Downey Jr. Now our star was quick to assume his role as a diva and said, “Get that Bitch off the monitor!

Him and his Comic-Con Entrances

From having a costume change in mid of the press conference to making a stellar entrance, RDJ does it all. He pulls everyone’s leg and particularly his cast and fans. And oh, Chris Evans laughing crazy at every reaction of Downey Jr is the next best thing to brighten up your day. And remember when he brought a suitcase full of roses and threw it to the audience? Mann….I wish I caught one!!

Robert Downey Jr and DC

RDJ is the brand ambassador of Marvel according to all of us, next to Stan Lee, of course. RDJ when asked if Marvel or DC in a press conference, he said: “Tell them to get a Winter Soldier then we will talk“. Well, he is not wrong, you know! RDJ takes a diss at everyone; you didn’t think he would leave DC out, didn’t you?

People’s Choice

RDJ has been the fan-favorite ever since he took on the mantle as Iron Man in 2008. The people’s choice award naturally went to RDJ if he was nominated. But the all-time fan favorite speech was be RDJ in the 2014 award show when he asked the spotlight to dim everyone else out and make the voice, God-like and said: “I am Ironman and this is for the people“. Have Chills running down my spine now!!!

Avengers, Assemble!


We love seeing the Avengers, on and off-screen. But when we saw them all join hands and give the Generation award to Downey Jr in MTV award show, we couldn’t control the excitement. Even though Downey gave a very emotional speech, he made sure to make fun of his fellow costars who sat down on the stage until he finished the speech.

Mellow with Age

In a press conference for Avengers: Age of Ultron, RDJ was not asked the first question, and he sure had one hella way to make Chris Evans and us laugh our eyes out about it. Probably the host got a mini heart attack, but it was all in the name of fun.

Matt Damon

RDJ has always been the funniest when he is delivering his acceptance speeches. While accepting the Golden Globes for best actor, he sure had one hella way to thank his wife. It is just hilarious. Not the only acceptance speech that is funny. Just type in RDJ funny speeches. You will thank me later.

Heart of Gold

All this nature of, being funny is not acceptable just because he is famous. He has a heart of gold, indeed. Downey has never shied away from meeting his younger fans and delivering them Iron Man goods. He has met with his sick fans, has done Skype calls and made them smile, and has done a lot of philanthropic work. RDJ is a man who will show life always gets better.


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