When Will The Witcher Season 2 Trailer Release?


The Witcher debuted back in 2019 to become an unexpected and massive hit for Netflix. Fans could rest easy now, knowing that Netflix had renewed the fantasy show for the second season even before the 1st season premiered.

Events of the pandemic

Unfortunately, the pandemic that brought the entire world to a halt also resulted in some significant delays for filming Season 2, followed by many obstacles with the schedule, that even resulted in a character recast.

Well, the good news is showrunner Lauren Hissrich has a message for fans that could mean Season 2 footage is coming soon.

The first teaser for The Witcher’s first season was released in late July 2019, about five months before the show premiered in December.

If a teaser or trailer is on the way sooner, then Season 2 could release far earlier in the year than the first one, but we have no idea if the post-production will be over by then.


Witcher Deep into Production

Either way, the fact that The Witcher filming has been completed and Lauren Schmidt Hissrich is deep into post-production bodes well for fans being closer than ever to get a good look at what’s on the way.

Some details have been revealed, including that Season 2 won’t annoy us with the timeline the same way Season 1 did.

For now, you can find the first season of The Witcher streaming on Netflix, along with plenty of other options.


With so many things about to be answered and unleased on the Witcher Universe, fans, including us, cannot wait to see what the characters have in store for us.

As usual, we can expect Netflix to deliver. The one thing that has us all excited is that we will get to see more new variety of monsters and creatures in the second season.

The first season’s trailer was released at the end of July 2019, just five months before the release of the series. So, expect something in that time frame.




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