Beckett: Why His Backstory Is So Relatable and Tragic

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Netflix’s latest release Beckett stars Tenent actor John David Washington as the main protagonist. The character of Beckett was drafted with utmost precision. Beckett is a lone wolf either fighting for survival or fighting for redemption. Which side of the weighing scale is heavier is left on the viewers to watch.

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The backstory of the lead character

Netflix: Beckett - Thriller with John David Washington and Alicia Vikander - Games-4-Geeks
Beckett and April (Courtesy: Netflix)

Beckett, a US citizen is enjoying a vacation in Greece along with his girlfriend. In the very first scene, we find April making a heart in his hand so that he never forgets her. From the very first instance, Beckett appeared to be a reserved individual.

After the death of April, viewers are exposed to his vulnerable side. Most of all we saw his fighter spirit. Amidst all adversity, he managed to save not only his life but also the child, Dimos Karras. 

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The acting of John David Washington

The film might have fallen flat on the storyline but John’s acting helps in holding back the viewers. Undergoing intense cardio sessions while making the film, John managed to shed blood, sweat, and tears. The protagonist has been running and jumping from one spot to another. The action sequence as John puts it, “Ferdi had me run for my life man! You really put me to the test,” was enthralling. 


His acting skills added a splash of reality. The director wanted to present the protagonist as an ordinary man and John managed to pull off the character. His expressions managed to let the audience absorb the inner landscape of emotions. The close-up shots were brimming with emotions of despair. Even his body was in sync with the pain of bullets and fracture of his arms.

This might not be John’s best of performances in comparison to Tenent and BlacKkKlansman. Nevertheless, his acting surely justified the character’s roleplay in the movie.

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