When Will Thor: Love and Thunder Begin Streaming On Disney+?

What Changes Have Been Made To The Disney+ Version Of Thor: Love and Thunder?

With Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder releasing in movie theaters around the world, fans have begun to wonder when the film will eventually come to Disney+. Right now, that timeframe is anyone’s guess, but there is some data available to look at to get a good idea as to when the movie will make its way home.

Thus far in Phase 4, audiences have seen a few distances between theatrical release and streaming debut.

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Most recently, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness saw the shortest time exclusively on the big screen as it started streaming only 47 days after release in theaters. If Love and Thunder were to follow in MoM’s footsteps, that would put the Chris Hemsworth sequel on Disney’s streaming home on Wednesday, August 24. Right now, that feels like the best bet.

When Will Thor: Love and Thunder Begin Streaming On Disney+?

Other films in Phase 4 have had different exclusive theatrical windows. Eternals was on the big screen for 68 days before arriving on Disney+ and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings came on the streaming service 70 days after its theatrical premiere. Both of these numbers certainly feel at the higher end, so if Thor 4 were to break that the Multiverse of Madness mark, it would likely not eclipse the 70-day number of Shang-Chi.

Thor 4’s Best Chances for Disney+ Release

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Another factor to consider when predicting Love and Thunder’s streaming date is Disney+ Day. The unofficial holiday celebrating the House of Mouse has garnered attention in recent years as the company reveals updates on various projects headed to the service as well as some surprise drops on the day of.

Last year, Shang-Chi debuted on Disney+ Day after its theatrical run. So, there is a chance that Thor 4 could follow the same pattern.

This year’s streaming festivities are planned for September 8, which is 64 days after Love and Thunder’s release date. This would be longer than some may expect and would be butting up against the higher end of these predictions, but it is totally plausible.

When Will Thor: Love and Thunder Begin Streaming On Disney+?

What better way to celebrate the day than to have one of Disney’s biggest movies of the year hit its streaming hub?

Thor: Love and Thunder debuts in theaters on July 8.

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