Who Does Laura Choose In The Netflix Movie ‘The Next 365 Days’?

After watching the newly released Netflix drama The Next 365 days,, you must be wondering whether Laura ends up with Nacho or Massimo Torricelli. 

In the second movie Laura finds out that her husband Massimo is cheating on her with his ex- girlfriend Anna. This makes Laura leave him and go away with Nacho on his island. During her time on the island she gets closer to Nacho. She later finds out that Massimo did not cheat on her and that it was his twin brother. She also finds out that Nacho lied to her about his identity and is the son of Don Matos who is one of Massimo’s rivals.

The newly released third movie shows that Laura has her heart torn between Nacho and Massimo. While her marriage with her husband Massimo is falling apart because of trust issues, Nacho tries to push them further apart. Laura is very confused about her feelings throughout the movie. She feels that his marriage with Massimo cannot be fixed. 

Laura keeps thinking about Nacho and misses the time she spent with him, even when she was with Massimo. Her friend Olga asks her if she’s in love with him.

When Laura goes to the Lagos Fashion Fair, she sees Nacho and his sister. Even though she tries to avoid them, she runs into Nacho’s sister Amelia who convinces her to talk to Nacho. After her talk with Nacho, Laura realizes that she’s in love with him. Laura tells both Nacho and Massimo that she needs time to think about her feelings.

Incase you are wondering Does Massimo Let Laura Go In ‘The Next 365 Days’? We have answered that in with all details previously.

The movie doesn’t reveal who Laura ends up with, but she tells her parents that her marriage with Massimo isn’t working and she has feelings for someone else. Laura might end up Nacho just like in the books. But her and Massimo’s chemistry can be a reason to not keep the same ending as the book.

The Next 365 Days is a 1 hour 52 minutes movie about Laura and Massimo’s relationship hanging in the balance as they try to overcome trust issues while a tenacious Nacho works to push them apart. The movie is available on Netflix.

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