Does Massimo Let Laura Go In ‘The Next 365 Days’?

Netflix’s new release, The Next 365 Days, is just as dramatic, if not more so, than the first two films. The new film presents Laura with two choices – Massimo and Nacho. But if Laura chooses Nacho, will Massimo let her go? 

From the first film itself, Massimo has been forceful towards Laura. He kidnaps her and gives her 365 days to fall in love with her. He does not like her talking to Nacho. He follows her every move and tracks her wherever she goes. Everyone, including Laura’s best friend Olga, thinks that now that they are married, he will force her to stay with her no matter what.

Incase you are wondering, Who Does Laura Choose In The Netflix Movie ‘The Next 365 Days’? We have covered that in details previously.

Laura ends up cheating on Massimo with Nacho during her visit to the Lagos Fashion Fair. Massimo eventually finds out about it when Laura is with her parents taking time for herself. Laura’s best friend Olga calls her to warn that Massimo has found out. She tells her that he won’t tolerate cheating and will kill her if he finds her. She then goes back to Massimo to talk to him, where he tells her that he knew about her and Nacho from the start. He then tells her that his dad told him, “If you really love something, just let it go. If it comes back, it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t, it was never meant to be.” He then asks Laura, “are you back? “.

Laura’s reply is not yet revealed, but this does show that if Laura does really want to leave Massimo, he will let her go without giving her a difficult time. But he will only let her go if he truly understands and believes what his dad said to him. Massimo might have to let Laura go if she chooses to be with Nacho.

The Next 365 Days is a 1 hour 52 minutes movie about Laura and Massimo’s relationship hanging in the balance as they try to overcome trust issues while a tenacious Nacho works to push them apart. The movie is available on Netflix.

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