Why Does Julie Have To Share The Villa In ‘Love In The Villa’?


The newly released Netflix Romantic Comedy is based in Verona, the city of love. Julie, a third-grade English teacher plans her dream trip to Verona, but it doesn’t go as planned. She has no choice but to share a villa she booked with a complete stranger.

Julie has to go on her dream trip to Verona alone since her boyfriend Brandon breaks up with her right before the trip. Her idea of Verona doesn’t live up to its name at first. She gets stuck on a flight with kids constantly screaming, she spills wine on her clothes, her luggage gets lost at the airport, so she has to wear a sweatshirt from an airport gift shop, and lastly, she has to share a villa with a complete stranger! 

When Julie arrives at the villa she is surprised to see that the door is unlocked and when she steps inside she get shocked to see that someone is already there. She and Charlie then figure out that the host of ‘La Villa Romantica’ has double booked them. Julie calls the host Silvio in hopes that he will clear the mistake, but unfortunately she gets his voicemail. Charlie says she might be lucky if she hears from him before the end of the week.


Julie requests Charlie to let her stay for the night, which he agrees to. The next day when Silvio finally arrives he informs them that his wife and his girlfriend both handle the bookings on different websites, and his girlfriend mistakenly double-booked the villa. He says that they have no choice other than to share the villa.

Julie’s dream trip to Verona, Italy, turns star-crossed when she discovers her rented villa is already occupied by an annoyingly attractive stranger. You can now watch ‘Love In Villa’ on Netflix

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