Who Is Going To Play the Live-Action Miles Morales? The Actor Is Losing So Much Weight For The Role!

Miles Morales star Shameik Moore revealed his weight loss goal to play a live-action Spider-Man.

Moore has played the young animated wall-crawler since his big-screen debut in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and is enjoying the spotlight yet again with the critically acclaimed Across the Spider-Verse.

However, despite the continued success of Moore’s take on the character, the upcoming Beyond the Spider-Verse will mark “the end of the Miles Morales trilogy,” likely meaning the Spider-Man actor will be done playing the character.

And with Sony on the search for a live-action Miles, the character will seemingly be moving beyond Shameik Moore and the Spider-Verse franchise.

Shameik Moore Making His Spider-Man Case

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse star Shameik Moore is making his best case to play a live-action Spider-Man, declaring a super-powered weight loss goal on his personal Instagram.

Posting on his Instagram story the Miles Morales actor wrote, “Time to lose weight so y’all can see Miles more clearly.”

This is in line with what the actor has been saying on the Across the Spider-Verse promotional tour, telling Esquire in a recent interview that “I would love to play live-action Miles Morale.”

“There’s so much I want to do, man. Specifically in the film space—I would love to play live-action Miles Morales. I would love to create some original projects, and get my production company off the ground. I just want to get creative and funky with it. By the time I’m 35, I think I’ll be in a directing space for big projects.”

In that same conversation, he added that he hopes fans of the Spider-Verse movies “support [him] when it’s time to talk about this live-action Miles Morales movie:”

“I really hope people just love this movie. I hope it inspires everybody to pay attention to how they’re wearing their mask, and I hope they support me when it’s time to talk about this live-action Miles Morales movie.”

Who Will Play the Live-Action Miles Morales?

Given that Sony has confirmed a live-action Miles Morales project is in the works, the question of who will play the young Spidey is about to become even more of a hot topic among fans.

While Shameik Moore is an excellent animated Miles, he may ultimately not be the right choice to play the character in live-action.

At present, Moore is 28 years old, which may be a little older than what Marvel and Sony would be looking for in a live-action take on the hero.

Traditionally, Miles has been the mentee to an older Peter Parker, learning the ropes of what it takes to be a Spider-Man.

If Sony were looking to have Miles be the primary Spider-Man in their own Spider-Man Universe, then perhaps Moore could work. However, if the character is being primed to appear in the MCU under the tutelage of Tom Holland’s web-head, then a younger actor would be the logical choice.

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