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Justice League Will Have Its Own Doctor Strange To Fight Darkseid


When Zack Snyder decided to release his version of Justice League, no one thought the film would be an astronomical success, considered one of the best in fans’ opinion. However, the production is one of the longest in history, with more than 4 hours of duration, which did not affect the release’s repercussions. In the film, we see the heroic society trying to find a way to fight Darkseid, an interdimensional villain from DC Comics.

A Justice League of the multiverse is forming in DC’s magazines, intending to defeat SnyderCut’s Darkseid. However, to combat it, the heroes will need to enlist the help of a new hero, the DC version of Marvel’s Doctor Strange.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s character has been a big hit since he debuted in 2016, but his popularity has increased even more with the Infinity Saga. Strange not only warned Tony of the only chance of success, but he also took his place as Peter Parker‘s mentor.

Justice League Will Have Doctor Multiverse

The new comic book series will be called Justice League Incarnate and will play with the current miniseries, Infinite Frontier. The new team of heroes hasn’t been revealed yet, but we will have the mysterious Doctor Multiverse among them. The similarity in name is the only thing in common, but the two can be compared as masters of the mystical arts.

The current comic book series brings heroes across the DC universe, led by President Superman and Batman from Flashpoint. The group is fighting to defeat Darkseid, who is assembling an entire army on Planet Omega.

Doctor Multiverse is an entirely new hero in the DC universe and hails from Earth 8. He is the only group member who has never been seen before and coming from a completely different reality. Terra-8 is known as Angor and is a kind of pastiche of the Marvel Universe.

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 It has not yet been confirmed whether Doctor Multiverse will be a copy of Doctor Strange. Still, once the title of Doctor has been applied to the character, it is possible to say that we will have many similarities between them.

The Earth 8 heroes appeared in 1971 and have appeared several times under different names. They have been called The Retaliators and The Mounters, both parodies of The Avengers of the MCU.

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