Kevin Feige Talks About Gay Superheroes In Marvel: “It’s Just The Start”

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According to Variety, Marvel President Kevin Feige said that the gay superheroes in Marvel comics will soon make it to the movies too. “There have been gay heroes before in the comics. It is more than past time in the movies,” he said as he discussed Marvel’s first gay superhero on screen.

The family of Phastos played by Brian Tyree Henry is a huge step taken by the directors and producers in showing inclusivity. Phastos is Marvel’s first openly gay superhero.

Gay Superheroes In Marvel

In new footage released of the Eternals, a spotlight was given to Phastos and family. As Marvel’s first openly gay superhero, there was a scene which featured his husband played by actor Haaz Sleiman and their son meeting Ikaris.

Kevin Feige also said that this is just the beginning of representation when it comes to the LQBTQ+ community. “It’s just the start,” Feige added. Directed by Oscar winning filmmaker Chloé Zhao, Eternals is set to hit the theatres on November 5.

While Phastos is shown as the first openly gay superhero in Marvel, directors and producers have been taking baby steps towards representation in the superheroes for quite some time. The character of Loki has also been shown as gender fluid in the Loki series. We are also probably all aware of how Loki fell in love with Sylvie, which is a female variant of himself.

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As Loki comes out as bisexual, it was a breakthrough moment for fans as well as Marvel. The diversity in the comics are slowly taking over and the production also seems to be moving away from projecting only the mainstream and the norm. We hope to see more gay superheroes in Marvel in the upcoming years and projects!

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