Why Does Kat Look After Paul In ‘All Quiet On The Western Front’?


All Quite On The Western Front on Netflix has heartbreaking scenes that will make you cry, but this duo made this serious film a little lively, they always had each other’s back whether it was while stealing a goose for a meal or fighting with their enemies at the war front. 

From the time that Paul Baumer goes to the war front, we see a man named Stanislaus Katczinsky, nicknamed Kat, helping him and his friends. We later get to see Paul and Kat become best friends. 

The reason why Kat is so helpful to Paul is maybe that since Paul is so young and fragile at the beginning of the war, Kat sees his younger self in him. There is a possibility that Kat was just like him when he was younger. 


When Kat receives a letter from his wife, he makes Paul read it to him. The letter reveals that Kat had a son who died due to pox. It says that his son would have turned ten next year.

This can be another reason why Kat is always helpful to Paul. There is a chance that since Paul is so young, Kat sees him as his son. 

Whatever the reason for the kindness is, it was surely wonderful to watch the bromance in this war film. 


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‘All Quite On The Western Front’ is what happens when 17-year-old Paul joins the Western Front in World War I, his initial excitement is soon shattered by the grim reality of life in the trenches. You can now watch the movie on Netflix.

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