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Why Fans Will Never Understand Itachi’s Motivations For Massacring His Clan


As fans of Naruto who witnessed the Uchiha clan massacre, we’re well aware that there are a lot of inconsistent and illogical things about Itachi’s character and this is a major one among them.

Itachi’s motivations and actions behind destroying the Uchiha clan remains a huge point of mystery for fans to this day. And that is exactly what we’re going to dive into in this article.

Let’s unpack why Itachi killed his own clan and why it’s so hard for fans to understand his motivations.

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Why Did Itachi Kill The Uchihas?

Naruto Itachi Uchiha

Ever since the Hidden Leaf Village was founded, many were suspicious of the Uchiha clan. This fear and mistrust was also exacerbated after Madara Uchiha’s revolt against the Konoha village. Also, the nine-tailed fox attack further made people more scared of the Uchiha clan.

As people’s fear escalated, the village leader made the decision to place restrictions on the Uchiha clan, with their mobility limited to the village’s outskirts. This exclusion only made the Uchihas enraged. After this, Itachi’s father, the clan leader, made his son enter the Anbu black ops and spy on the village and other clans to plan a coup.

But by this point, Itachi is also a spy for Danzo, the village advisor. With his double-agent position, Itachi thought that he was helping the cause for peace. Danzo believed that if precautions were not taken, the Uchihas would initiate another war.


With Itachi informing Danzo of his family’s coup plan, and Danzo manipulating Itachi into thinking that the coup would be unable to be stopped without bloodshed, Itachi ended up killing the Uchiha clan. He had only hoped that he would help prevent another Shiboi war and the loss of many innocent lives.

Why Fans Can’t Understand Why Itachi Massacred His Clan

Naruto Itachi Uchiha

Fans do understand that Itachi’s intentions were directed towards peace. However, the way that he goes about achieving this is highly questionable. One major thing about Itachi’s actions is that it’s baffling to see him try so hard and bend over backwards to protect Danzo.

Another confusing point is that he kills the Aburame who poisoned Shisui, but does nothing to Danzo who was the one who actually ordered to have Shisui poisoned and stole his eye.


His whole big plan for Sasuke also had him hiding the truth from Sasuke and letting Danzo basically get away with everything. Especially because once Itachi dies, there’s no guarantee that Danzo would remain true to his word to spare Sasuke.

Given the whole picture then, Itachi’s motivations remain severely vague and perplexing and even though he was the one who killed his own clan, he seems to merely be a cog manipulated by Danzo and other bigger players like Kaguya, the true mastermind behind the Uchiha clan massacre.


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