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Why the NEW Death-powered Infinity Stone is so Disturbing?

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Marvel Comics is teasing a seventh Infinity Stone, and it has direct ties to Thanos, Death, and the pair’s collective powers.

In “Thanos” #4, the Mad Titan battles the living embodiment of Death as Marvel’s powerful new Illuminati team tries to stop the cosmic chaos the pair unleash. Death recently underwent major changes as Thanos searched for her, taking on the human form of a young woman named Roberta to truly understand what it means to be alive.

She agreed to a deal with the Illuminati, providing pertinent information on a catastrophic event to hit Earth in exchange for their help in transforming her and giving her a new life.

Marvel's New Black Infinity Stone Has A Disturbing Secret

Infinity Stone

If the Black Stone is the seventh Infinity Stone Thor saw in his visions from the Black Winter, and all indications are that it is, then there is a good reason for the Marvel Universe as a whole to be very, very frightened. At some point in the future, Thanos may regain the original six gems along with the Black Stone, allowing him to create an army with an incredible amount of power.

With Death trapped inside the stone, he may be able to use her powers at his whim — meaning Thanos could control death, transform heroes into their undead forms, and stop anyone who stands in his way. The power-up would make him more indestructible than he’s ever been. Death won’t be able to combat his manipulation of death as long as she remains contained, while Earth’s Mightiest Heroes may very well be helpless against him.

Ultimately, Death’s imprisonment inside the Black Stone could lead to the most terrifying version of Thanos being unleashed. With Death’s powers, there’s no telling what he’s capable of. And with “Thanos” #4 ending with the tease that the Mad Titan will return in 2024, readers will find out exactly what the newest Infinity Stone will allow him to accomplish sooner rather than later.

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