Secret Invasion News That Is Making Fans Really Nervous

MCU Reveals The Genre Of Secret Invasion

One of the most hotly anticipated upcoming projects in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is “Secret Invasion,” set to hit the Disney+ streaming platform sometime in early 2023. So anticipated, in fact, that even though we already know it will be based in some form on a plot by the shapeshifting Skrulls to replace members of the human race at all levels, we’re still dependent upon various hints and clues to get a better idea of what “Secret Invasion” will actually be about.

If you’re a loyal MCU fan, though, your chief concern probably doesn’t have to do with how faithful an adaptation of “Secret Invasion” will be but how well it will fit your entertainment needs as well as the larger MCU mosaic. And unfortunately, some recent updates from the production of the show might indicate that those fans have reason to be nervous about one or both of those things.

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Secret Invasion News That Is Making Fans Really Nervous

According to actor Christopher McDonald, the show is undergoing extensive reshoots with a new writer

The scoop comes from an Awards Daily interview with character actor Christopher McDonald. When asked about what it’s like working in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, McDonald revealed a detail about his character (“that he can sneak in and out of any storyline in the Marvel universe”), whose name isn’t even known as of yet.

But the more troubling revelation came immediately after: “We’re actually heading back to London on Tuesday to do additional scenes. They’re doing reshoots in a way that’s making the story better. Apparently, there’s a new writer in there. He’s amped it up, and the series is going so much deeper than before.”

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McDonald is putting a very positive spin on the situation there, but the word “reshoots” has a way of making fans nervous — particularly when a completely new (and unnamed) writer is brought in to change things up. But, more optimistically, this might not necessarily be cause for worry since reshoots are a normal part of Hollywood productions these days, even as they can often cost filmmakers a ton of money.

Fans will just have to wait and see how “Secret Invasion” pans out. We can expect to get more details as we get closer to its scheduled air date next year.

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