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WandaVision: Connection Between Agatha’s Layer and Kamar Taj


One of the most intriguing things that happened in the latest episode of WandaVision is the walk of Wanda to Agatha’s basement.

Agatha’s Basement

As far as we know, it was a little creepy but filled with mysteries. Within a fraction of a second, the episode introduced her as the villain and then revealed a lot more info about her, but even before we could blink, we saw the credits rolling.

As frustrating as it was, we should be happy that at least our guesses were right and we finally got our villain. Now so many questions are doing the rounds, but this one has a lot of questions but at the same time also gives us a connection between Multiverse of Madness.

The book which we saw in Agatha’s basement doesn’t look like a children’s storybook for sure. We know it has some dark magic spells in it. And it kinda looked like those we saw in Doctor Strange.


Sorcerer Supremes’ Collection


Remember Doctor Strange movie where even a single page of spells is enough to summon someone as dark as Dormammu? Yeah, among that, one book in that private collection of the Sorcerer Supreme was seen missing.

Now, many think that book is what was in Agatha’s possession. Before we dive into its possibilities, there are ways that the book might’ve been in the Ancient One’s room because she was reading it or might’ve been hidden since already a book has been robbed.

Stolen or just being used?

If that is not the case, then the book might be the one in WandaVision. Now, we know that Doctor Strange is making his appearance in the next episode. So, there are chances that he found the book, and that’s how he is making his appearance.


Because as far as we know, no one other than those around the bubble right now knows what is happening so, there are chances that Doctor Strange came across this because Agatha used the book or because of the surge in magic in the place once Agatha revealed her true form.


Anyhooo, we know that the book holds a lot of importance in the show now, and many already think it is the MCU version of Darkhold.

What is a Darkhold?

The Darkhold is also known as The Book of Sins and was authored by demonic gods who were the first dark magic practitioners.


The book has been owned by some of Marvel’s darkest characters, such as werewolves and zombies, and is even involved in the origins of Marvel’s earliest vampires as well.

With many other ways to tie WandaVision to Multiverse of Madness, this looks like a legit way too. Let’s wait and find out how this turns out to be.

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