Will There Be A Sequel For ‘End Of The Road’?

Netflix’s newly released action thriller starring Queen Latifa is definitely a must-watch. But will this eventful movie have a sequel?

Queen Latifa is surely an amazing actor. She plays a widowed mother trying her best to keep the family together and support them alone. She ends up losing her house after trying to help her husband, Jack get chemotherapy and radiation treatment. This forces her to move to Texas. 

Her road trip to move to Texas changed her life in a way she never thought. She witnesses a murder and finds a bag full of cash. Brenda and her family get into a sticky situation. Her son, Cam is kidnapped, and later her daughter, Kelly, and her brother, Reggie is held, hostage.

Captain Hammers turns out to be the one behind the murder and the kidnapping. He asks Brenda to return his money which she agrees to, but when she goes to return it he tries to kill all of them.

They try to escape and eventually Captain Hammers also known as Mr. Cross dies. In a car accident while chasing Brenda and her family. But there are chances that Hammers was only working for someone, after all, he was an aged man. He did have help from his wife but it is hard to believe that he wasn’t just a pawn hiding the real face behind Mr. Cross. 

Though any of the cast or the director hasn’t mentioned anything about a sequel, there is definitely potential for it, and it will surely be much more thrilling than the first one.

If you’re wondering what Brenda does with the money? Here’s an article.

A recently widowed mom fights to protect her family after a shocking murder and a missing bag of cash plunge them into danger during a harrowing road trip. Queen Latifah takes the wheel in this thriller. You can now watch ‘End Of The Road’ on Netflix.


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