Will We See A Comeback Of Wolverine In Doctor Strange 2?

There have been many theories and concepts when it comes to Doctor Strange 2. Since the sequel will also involve the concept of the multiverse, we expect many familiar characters to be seen in the movie. Among the many names, we have actor Hugh Jackman’s name too. The rumor, therefore, leads to a huge question: Will we actually witness a comeback of Wolverine in Doctor Strange 2?

It has been reported by certain sources that Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman was one of the stars that were invited for Doctor Strange 2. Besides rumors like these, fans are also highly hoping that Jackman will make another appearance as his character. Everyone seems to be excited for this MCU debut in Doctor Strange.

Wolverine In Doctor Strange 2

As stated before, everyone’s equally excited for Jackman’s appearance in the multiverse of madness. A while ago, a Twitter post also alleged that Marvel wanted the actor to return for a scene in Doctor Strange 2. However, the plans seemed to fall through without many successions. 

According to a report from The Direct, the plan was to feature a fight scene between Elizabeth Olsen’s character and Wolverine, which is based on the comic. There has been a confirmation regarding this too. Movie insider Daniel Richtman also said that Marvel did plan to do this initially.

It was said that Marvel wanted a duel scene between the two mutants. However, there is also another rumor. Richtman also said that Olsen’s character Scarlet Witch is going to be in combat with a character from the Fox-verse. But this character might not end up being Wolverine. 

Hugh Jackman As Wolverine

Will Jackman still have a place in the movie if Wanda will not be facing him. Although we know that things can get pretty surprising and wild in the cinematic universe. If that is so, there’s a huge element of surprises coming for the fans.

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Additionally, Jackman commented on his return and he said that he has not received a word from the president of Marvel Studios in his inbox. This also kind of gives off a vibe in which a return will “not be on the table.”

Hugh Jackman has retired from his role of playing Wolverine back in 2017 after Logan was released. Therefore, we cross our fingers to see him on screen as the character again. We know that there are many things in store for Wolverine but fans definitely think that no one can play the character better than Jackman did.

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