World Trigger Chapter 218 Release Date and Details

World Trigger Season 3 Episode 2

In the previous chapter of World Trigger, we saw Suwa’s Squad 7 struggling to win their matches. And, it was all thanks to the golden boy Osamu that the team was able to come up with a plan. But will the plan work? For the answer to unravel itself, we have to wait for World Trigger Chapter 218.

The fans are excited and they’ve all the reasons to be. Here is every detail you need to get ready for yet another insane chapter. So buckle up, scroll down and enjoy.

World Trigger Chapter 218 Release Date:

As per the official schedule by VIZ, the World Trigger chapter 218 is set to release on January 6, 2022. There has been no news regarding any delay whatsoever.

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A Recap of World Trigger Chapter 217:

Mizumaki’s Squad 9 won against Suwa’ Squad 7 and now they’re strategizing for their upcoming matches. And as for Suwa’s Squad 7 who just lost, they’re trying to pinpoint their mistakes in the game(s). Their next match is against Mizumaki’s Squad 10 and they quickly need to have a strategy against them.

katori world trigger

They come up with a passive strategy that’ll utilize Izumi as their backup unit to counter ranged combo skills. To that proposal, Osamu says that it might come back to bite them. But due to no time in their hands, they go with Katori’s plan.

And as Osamu said before, the plan didn’t work. In fact, Suwa’s Squad 7 lost four matches consecutively. All of them again try to brainstorm the find where’s the hole and how will they overcome it. Again, Osamu speaks up and says that their squad lacks the coordination as well as the communication.


After some thinking, they come up with the idea of placing the tags on enemies before ID’ing them. Through that, they’d be able to assign numbers to them and can play more effectively and efficiently. Now, everything is set, the plan is in motion and there comes the interference.

suwa receiving special assignment

The interference was Suwa receiving a notification that read ‘Special Assignment’. It asked them to answer possible reasons for putting three or four squads against each other instead of two. While the timing couldn’t be worse, Osamu contemplates about the reason for the question arriving now.

What Can Happen In The Next Chapter?

With a good plan in Suwa’s Squad 7 hands, they will be able to put up a good fight this time. Furthermore, it’ll be interesting to see them using their strategy against other teams.


osamu and suwa world trigger

Not to mention, the ‘Special Assignment’ that came at the last minute. It can disorient the members and they might just lose focus in the game. Additionally, the deadline just adds more pressure but Osamu might have something that could help his team.

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Where To Read World Trigger?

You can read all the latest and previous Chapters of World Trigger on VIZ’s Official website or Shueisha’s Mangaplus service.



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