World Trigger Season 3 Episode 6 Release Date and Spoilers

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As World Trigger Season 3 Episode 6 will focus on Tamakoma and Azuma, the last episode had the fans at their toes. There was so much happening in the span of mere 24 minutes; several deaths and outplays. Let’s not forget the big brain play of Azuma’s team to corner Ema, it was quite calculated. 

Fans just can’t wait for the next episode right now. With five players left, the game is racing toward its climax. And so are the release date and other details. Take a look for yourself to find out about everything you need to know about the next episode.

World Trigger Season 3 Episode 6 Release Date:

World Trigger Season 3 Episode 6 is all set to release on November 14, 2021.

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A Recap of World Trigger Season 3 Episode 5:

The episode begins with the confusion of the last episode. Kage’s point was given to Suzunari and not Tamakoma because Murakami was the one who did the critical damage and not Tamakoma. As soon as the point settles, Tamakoma initiates an attack against Suzunari.

tamakoma world trigger season3 episode 5

Surprisingly, Suzunari uses the long-range formation once again against their opponents. To counter them, Hyuse uses his asteroid attacks but doesn’t use curving bullets to instantly defeat them. It seems like he has a different plan in mind.

Hyuse and Kuga then approach Suzunari by hiding behind barriers but Suzunari is able to deflect their attacks. Furthermore, with the aggressive long-range attack of Suzunari, Tamakoma starts to lose its ground. But, it isn’t over for them as Hyuse’s plan was already set in motion.

escudo in murakami's body world trigger

After using Escudo twice, Hyuge tries to use it once again while closing in Suzunari. Hw catches Murakami off guard and makes an Escudo in Murakami’s body. Meanwhile, Osamu attacks Kuruma from behind and it almost looks like it’s over for Team Suzunari.

But hey, there’s a reason why Murakami is wielding Kogetsu. He saves Kuruma and attacks Osamu. On the other hand, Hyuge and Kuga simultaneously attack Murakami. However, he’s able to stand his ground to Kuga (he cuts off his left arm) but is defeated by Hyuge. 

The Aftermath:

And then out of nowhere, Ema initiates a surprise attack that bails out Kuruma and almost kills Osamu. Seeing that this is their only chance as Ema needs to reload, Okudera and Koarai launch their surprise attack. To counter them, Ema opts for a freefall. And as luck would have it, Azuma takes the shot while Ema’s in mid-air and shoots him.

auma using beacons world trigger season 3 episode 5

The Azuma team then uses their beacons as decoys in order to lure out their opponents. Although the beacons have robotic movements and can be differentiated, if one focuses too much on movement, they can get sniped. So, Tamakoma needs to be on their toes but it seems like Osamu has an idea.

The idea is to use Chika’s powerful attack to blow away as many bots as she can. Thus, Chika uses her meteor strike to open up the mall but in the process, she also envelops Okudera in her explosion. Thus, gaining one more point for her team. Although it was unintentional as she doesn’t shoot people, it turned out to be in favor of Tamakoma. As the climax of the match is getting closer, the tension amongst the remaining players is growing rapidly.

What Can You Expect From World Trigger Season 3 Episode 6?

To be safe from Chika’s blasts, Azuma decides to stick close to Tamakoma. The reason is that Chika won’t shoot her teammates and they can take advantage of that. Maybe Azuma will be able to take advantage of the situation if things go according to his plan.

world trigger season 3 episode 5

Not to forget that we have Osamu guiding the Tamakoma team too now, so it might get difficult for Azuma. World Trigger Season 3 Episode 6 will have a fierce battle of wits and brute strength in the next episode.

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Where To Watch It?

You can watch World Trigger Season 3 on Crunchyroll.

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