7 Quotes From Money Heist Season 5 That Stand Out

Lisbon and the Dali mask

If you move an inch I’ll kill you and trust me, I’d love to see you dead”

The show picks up from where it was last left. Alicia Sierra holds the professor at gunpoint when she discovers the location of stormwater tank. She shoots the professor in his foot in order to extract information about the heist from him.

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Colonel we are breaking the law, more than they are. And I believe in the law”

Once Alicia Sierra is taken off the force, Colonel Tamayo plans to set up fake evidence against her. Ángel Rubino is against this idea and decides to leave as he was not willing to break the law. The plan was to plant evidence to show that Sierra was secretly collaborating with the professor.


Ask him whatever you want. You’ve got four minutes”

When Raquel, Tokyo and Stockholm come out waving a white flag, colonel Tamayo asks for the release of Gandia in return of one hour before the army busts in. This is the time Raquel realizes that the professor is not captured under the CNI and Alicia is working as a lone wolf. She goes on to use this as her power card and clarifies with Tamayo when she says she has to check with the professor first.

“Please stop, you’re frying a dead body

Stockholm sneaks through the vents to stop Arturo from attacking the gang with the weapons kept in the Armory. She shoots him twice when he tries to take his gun and attack her. Realizing what mistake she made she immediately tries to revive him. Having a bullet in his heart he does not respond. Palermo tries to stop her from putting an effort in bringing someone back from the dead.


If they’re in a blind spot, then they’re climbing”

As the team prepares for a war within the walls of the Bank of Spain, the military has different ideas. They decide to enter through the roof where they would have the upper hand and not through the doors and for the same they climb up to the roof and create an explosion.

“Actually, I believe…you keep on living in the final thought you have the moment before you die”

As Nairobi makes an appearance in a flashback thought, Tokyo and Nairobi have a conversation about what is left behind and what one takes along once they are dead. A heartfelt conversation between the two when they think about the worse possible outcome of this Heist.


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Don’t be so sad, something ends today. But now is the first day of your next life.”

Moments before Tokyo takes her last breathe, she talks to Rio who drills a hole through the ground. She tells him that she’s not going to make it but the future holds a lot more for him. She tells him to live a lot of lives without her.

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