Is Liv Rivera’s Baby Still Alive in Keep Breathing?

Keep Breathing

While Liv Rivera has gone through a million of emotions ever since she dropped underwater, to make things worse, she is pregnant.

Who is Liv Rivera’s baby father?

Well, as long as we know in her life, seeing her mom had all the fun she could, Liv Rivera grew up to be a person allergic to fun.

The only boyfriend we ever heard of is Danny. Who is sweet, kind, and tolerating to all of Liv’s nature.

At last, before she left New York, she was last known to be with Danny; he is the baby’s father.


Danny in Keep Breathing

Is Liv Rivera’s baby alive?

While average pregnant women are advised to take it easy, even for someone like Liv Rivera, the things she did in the past few days do not look like it was “taking it easy.”

While she gets through the last couple of days after being hurt severely and being dominated by her past demons, one thing that she holds dear and helps her jump back to faith is the person she loves.

While we are unsure if the baby is still alive since she went through hell to reach safe ground, we do see her dream of having the baby with Danny by her side.


Did Liv and Danny reunite?

Keep Breathing. Melissa Barrera as Liv

While the series’s last shot ends with Liv being saved by two fishermen and she finally opens her eyes, we don’t get to see her go back to her people.

But with, what we could see in her last few moments as the river stream took her is that she loves Danny and dreams of having the baby with him.

He was the only good thing in her mind that helped her cross the wilderness as Sam, the so-called photographer, and her past kept pulling her down.


Will there be a season 2 of Keep Breathing?

Well, it is totally up to the way season 1 is received. We could get a limited season of how Liv adjusts to her new life after surviving the plane crash and being stranded in the wilderness.

If we are lucky, we will see Liv Rivera confess to Danny.

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