A New American Manga called “World Piece”: Release Date, Plot and Details.

The popularity of manga is at its peak in Japan and worldwide, including America. The demands are so high that it’s hard for the publishers to produce enough printed books. Sales of manga keep growing day by day and even increase by 43% in 2020 in the U.S.

Furthermore, print manga is dominating the market in the U.S. and hence the sales have tremendously grown. It increased by 3.6 million units at the beginning of 2021 compared to the same time in 2020. 

In 2019, the Japanese animation market recorded 7 consecutive years of record-breaking sales. The market size reached 22.883 Billion US dollars. The Japanese animation industry recorded more than a 15% growth compared to the previous year. You can read more about the Anime industry here: Anime Industry Report 2020

And due to the skyrocketed popularity of manga, the creators have come up with the idea to launch an American manga. If this sounds exciting to you, keep scrolling down for we have the juiciest news for you.

About the Manga World Piece


Viz Media has decided to bring a new change to the world of manga by creating American manga. This shows that the American market will have local manga-inspired comics and doesn’t necessarily have to wait for them to arrive from Japan. This will also be a great way to produce different work that caters to western audiences. 

World Piece will be making its debut this June, established by the publishing company Viz Media. The American manga is authored by Josh Tierney and illustrated by Agroshka

Viz has produced many popular titles like Dragon Ball, One Piece, Inuyasha, Bleach, Naruto. So we should look forward to this upcoming release being another masterpiece. 

What is the plot of World Piece?


The sci-fi adventure follows the story of a 16-year-old boy who ends up protecting the Earth that has shrunk because of a strange alien artefact. In a way, the world is now in his hands!

Lucas Densen is known for his diligent but easy-going personality. In his free time, when he’s not with his basketball team, he visits his mother’s archaeological sites. One time, he touches an ancient alien artefact that transforms Earth into a small glowing orb. 

Lucas ends up in a new world and encounters a friendly alien called Luffy who offers to help him. Will our protagonist be able to face the scary dangers in this new realm and will he bring back the Earth to its original form? 


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