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Gintama The Very Final Anime Film license acquired by Eleven Arts

Gintama the very final anime movie

Eleven Arts has acquired the license for Gintama The Very Final Anime Film. This is the latest anime film of Hideaki Sorachi’s manga Gintama. The film also ended Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Train film as the number 1 anime film for 12 consecutive weeks.

It opened in Japan on January 8. The film is based on the finale of the original manga. It also features new story elements. The film earned 16 million dollars in total as of March.

A net anime special Gintama The Semi-Final is a two-episode prequel to the film. It is streaming on the dTV service in Japan. There is also a novel of the film.

Gintama takes place in an alternate version of the Edo period of Japan. In this period aliens or Amanto have attacked Japan. The samurai fight against the aliens but the shogun cowardly surrenders. Samurai swords are banned and the Tokugawa bafuku becomes a puppet government.

Gintama The Very Final Anime Film covers the last arc of Sorachi’s manga Gintama. Gintama follows the story of Gintoki, a silver-haired man who runs an odd-jobs agency. He is joined by his assistants Shimura Shinpachi and an alien named Kagura who is also an Amanto.

The selling point of Gintama’s comedy is the gags and references it uses. Many jokes in the manga are comments regarding cliches and characters from other mangas. The series is also known for its spoof episodes which include Dragon Ball, Naruto, and Prince of Tennis.

Sorachi’s science fiction, comedy, and period fiction manga began in 2003 and ended in June 2019. It has over 55 million copies in circulation.

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