Angelina Jolie Thought That Her Role As Thena In Eternals Was Only A Cameo

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It’s a major excitement for Angelina Jolie fans to see the actor’s comeback along with her debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the upcoming Marvel film hitting theatres on November 5, Jolie will be seen on screen playing the character of Thena in Eternals.

In Eternals, we have a list of over ten superheroes coming together to once again save humanity from destruction. Coming from a whole different timeline and history, the Eternals have been protecting the earth for a very long time. This time, they will come together to once again protect it from outsiders known as Deviants.

Jolie’s Cameo As Thena In Eternals

Playing the character of Thena, Jolie will take the part of a female warrior who can bring weapons from thin air. While her character is one of the most eye catching and important ones, the actor first thought that she would only have a cameo in the film with her character.


Nate Moore, the producer of Eternals recently shared how this incident played out. In an interview with We Got This Covered, Moore shared, “When we first talked to her, I think she thought, well, I know she thought we wanted her for a very, very small cameo.”

The producer also added how Jolie was surprised by the size of her role when she actually got to know about it. “She was sort of surprised at the size of the role, and really threw herself into Thena and creating a movement style for Thena and a fighting style for Thena that was unique,” she added.


Moore also shared how the character along with the action that Thena will be involved in was especially envisioned and choreographed for Angelina Jolie. Since the actor has done several stunts herself in previous movies, she could also successfully pull the stunts of Thena in Eternals too.


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“She’s been through it with Salt and with Tomb Raider and Gone in 60 Seconds, all these movies. So and we sort of collaborated with her and our stunt coordinator to create a movement style that did feel different because she has done so much,” the producer said.

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