Anime Characters Who Are All About Strength

Here is everything you need to know about the anime characters who are all about strength.


When All For One was imprisoned, he realized that Shigaraki would need protectors to survive. His ace in the hole was Gigantomachia, My Hero Academia’s largest and most imposing character to date.

Taller than skyscrapers and impervious to harm, Gigantomachia is capable of taking on even the strongest heroes by himself. What makes the villain completely terrifying is that he can fight for a consecutive month without passing out, which illustrates a superhuman amount of stamina. This made him the perfect training partner for Shigaraki.

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One Piece’s Vergo was a member of the Donquixote family and a proficient user of Armament Haki. Initially overseeing Caesar Clown’s S.M.I.L.E operations, he soon had a chance to demonstrate his strength against Sanji, Smoker, and Law.

Despite the former’s incredible agility post-time skip, Vergo still cracked his bones in a single punch. He overpowered Smoker and Law similarly, only losing to the incredible power of the Op-Op Fruit. Should Vergo have faced an opponent without a devil fruit, he likely would’ve massacred the heroes.

Jirobo NarutoWho is Jirobo in Naruto?

Jirobo’s immense physical strength made him the defensive wall of Naruto’s Sound Four. Having survived a battle royale of over a hundred experiments, he relies far more on his rugged athleticism than the other members of his group.

When activating his curse mark, Jirobo proved powerful enough to stop Choji’s human boulder with his bare hands. This was an incredibly impressive feat, especially since he was the only character in the entire series to do so. Unfortunately for Jirobo, he failed to anticipate Choji’s red Spinach Pill and died from his chakra-infused punches.

Sloth10+ Sloth (Fullmetal Alchemist) HD Wallpapers and Backgrounds

Fullmetal Alchemist’s Sloth may have been most useful for creating Father’s transmutation circle, though he proved an equally talented combatant. When pitted against Armstrong and the Northern Brigade, he used raw power and devastating velocity to scatter his enemies.

Armstrong soon realized that as tough as he was, there was no matching Sloth’s unprecedented might. Fortunately, Izumi Curtis and her husband arrived, providing the reinforcements the alchemists needed to swing the battle back in their favor. As powerful as Sloth was, the heroes managed to use his imprecision against him.

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ReinerAttack on Titan: Reiner - NOT Eren - Is the Series' Most Tragic Character

Reiner made full use of his armor in Attack On Titan. It complemented his intrepid fighting spirit, high pain tolerance, and innate physical strength. Marley relied on Reiner for heavy lifting in the nation’s most dangerous missions. For example, he was responsible for breaching the walls during the attack on Shiganshina and slaughtering the resistance at Fort Slava.

Reiner was so powerful that he could even shrug off being dogpiled by several dozen pure titans at once. However, since he lacks Annie’s technique, Eren defeats him every time they fight.

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