Anime Villains Who Actually Saved the World

Anime Villains Who Actually Saved the World

The best villains are the ones with the most terrifying powers and sinister plans. Evil-doers with that type of strength in their character are the ones that cause the life-changing devastation within a series. Here’s everything you need to know about the anime villains who save the world.

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Stain – My Hero AcademiaStain: Anime Villains Who Actually Saved the World

My Hero Academia has grown bigger and bigger in its popularity. Stain, the hero killer on the scene, the crime rate decreased and heroes became more vigilant and responsible. Even so, that did not stop Midoriya and his classmates from having to take the anti-hero down.

The stain was a murderer, yes, but the fact is in his last moments of consciousness, he stepped up to save Midoriya from being kidnapped. Since it is unknown what would have happened if Midoriya’s kidnapping was successful, in a way Stain did save the future of the superhero society.

Obito Uchiha – Naruto: ShippudenObito Uchiha

Obito healed from his injuries only to witness his best friend, Kakashi, kill his first love, Rin. He was convinced that the world was only filled with suffering and despair. To finally put an end to this pain, Obito had a goal that he wanted to achieve by any means necessary.

To do this, Obito went down a road of evil from forming the Akatsuki to starting the Fourth Great Ninja War. But, after meeting Naruto, Obito had a change of heart. To atonement for his sins, Obito passed on what power he had left to Kakashi and sacrificed his life in order to save the world.

Yuya Mirokuji – Re:CreatorsYuya Mirokuji

Yuya Mirokuji is a gang boss in a fictional manga called Lockout Ward Underground – Dark Night. In his world, he is an antagonist accused of killing his friend’s sister. He is an aggressive hothead that likes to fight.

When he is transported to the real world along with other iconic fictional characters like Selesia and Meteora, he fights the battle against Altair who seeks to destroy the real world. Along with the normal humans they meet, are ultimately able to stop her and return all the creations to their respective worlds.

Kyubey – Puella Magi Madoka MagicaKyubey

Kyubey offers adolescent females the chance to become “magical girls” by granting them a wish. The dark twist, however, is that all magical girls will eventually become witches. Kyubey revealed that he is known as an Incubator and finds girls willing to become magical girls.

And defeat witches because witches release a powerful energy that can be used to prevent the destruction of the universe. Kyubey’s actions may seem deceptive but the emotionless Incubator is saving the entire universe one sacrifice at a time.

Beerus – Dragon Ball ZBeerus

Peace never lasts forever and the world of Dragon Ball seems to have it super rough. The one and only Frieza made a dramatic return to Earth for revenge. Frieza’s revenge ends in defeat, but just before Vegeta delivers the final blow, the evil lord used the last of his strength to destroy the Earth.

Beerus, save the world By simply asking his teacher and attendant, Whis, to rewind time giving the Z fighters a second chance. The powerful god of Universe 7 that once threatened to destroy the Earth himself ended up saving it. Not out of the goodness of his heart but because no Earth means no more human sweets and desserts.

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