Ao Ashi Episode 22: Release Date and Where to watch

Ao Ashi is a perfect example to prove that the anime industry is opening up to genres beyond shonen. Written and illustrated by Kobayashi, it revolves around competitive football,it has been gaining popularity with every new episode. The anime depicts the journey of a talented, but difficult kid Atisho Aoi who was attracting attention for his footballing skills. He is spotted by the coach Tatsuya Fakuda after which he moved to Tokyo from rural Japan to play at a more competitive level.

The twenty first episode of this twenty four episodes series was released a few days back on the 3rd of September this year. Let’s have a peek at the last episode as well as find out what to expect from the upcoming one.

Ao Ashi Episode 21: Recap

Ao Ashi Episode 21

The episode is centered around the match between Tokyo City Esperion Youth B team and Tokyo Musashino Youth FC. The Esperions had really worked hard for the game as they were desperate to win. The episode is masterclass in showcasing the tactics and the counter tactics deployed by each team. The Esperion team used long balls as a counter to the high press by Musashinos. There were many nervy moments for the Esperions including a necessary foul by the protagonist which gave the opponents free kick in a very dangerous position. To add to the episodes depiction of a brilliant game of football, we had the OST which was very well suited to the game.

Ao Ashi Episode 22 Release Date:

The Episode 22 of the series will be released on 10th September, 2022. The episodes of the series are generally released at 6:25 P.M. JST(Japanese Standard Time).


What to expect from Episode 22?

As of now, no spoilers or raw scans have been released.  But as soon as it does, we’ll update it on our website. Do check in for that!

Where to Watch :

All the episodes of the series including the upcoming 22nd episode can be streamed on Crunchyroll. Viewers can use it’s single subscription to access a range of animes available on the platform.

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