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Are Natasha And Yelena Close? Infinity War’s Black Widow Donned Something Sentimental!

Who Is Yelena Belova? Everything You Need To Know About Black Widow's Red Room Sister

Yelena Belova will be introduced into the MCU timeline for the first time through the Black Widow movie on July 9th and will stay with us through Hawkeye.

No matter how you put it, we know that there is a deep bond between Natasha and Yelena. As to why she never mentioned about her is still a mystery, but the new promotional picture confirms something.

Did Natasha stay in touch with Yelena Belova?

Are Natasha And Yelena Close? Infinity War’s Black Widow Donned Something Sentimental!
Natasha And Yelena

All we know now is that the events of the Black Widow movie will take place after the Captain America: Civil War debacle and before the said return of rogue Avengers in Infinity War.

All we knew is that they were on the run ever since Civil War. We never heard about their on-the-run period. Steve did not have time to mention, and Bucky and Sam were busy fighting over a frisbee to talk about this.

So, we will finally get to know how their rogue times were in Black Widow. If you ask us, all this while we thought maybe they had adventures too during that time but now we are sure that they not only saw the dark side of the system and everything, some of them even got time to reconnect with family.

Is Black Widow wearing Yelena’s vest in Infinity War?

Well, no matter how annoying sisters are, we finally give in and let them borrow our things. As soon as fans saw the poster of Yelena on a whitish-gray suit with a vest that resembled a lot like Black Widow’s rogue vest in Infinity War, they have been asking this question.

The cast of Black Widow, who is now on their promotional trip, has confirmed some of the theories along the way.

Are Natasha And Yelena Close? Infinity War’s Black Widow Donned Something Sentimental!
Family Heirloom

Scarlett Johansson has confirmed that Black Widow was wearing Yelena’s vest in Infinity War and that it was like an heirloom to her.

Well, it is an important thing. It seems very superficial, but it is unique. It’s a significant thing. That’s a Kevin Feige thing. He loves all of that backstory stuff and things that connect characters. When we designed it then, it was just a different look for the character, but it’s fun how Kevin’s mind works in this – he’s like an Imagineer in that way, where he thinks of all the little hidden things that people will give, things that are seemingly innocuous, some heart. It’s an heirloom. It becomes an heirloom in this unexpected, funny way.

According to the actor, it was all Kevin Feige’s idea. We are just glad she wasn’t wearing it in Vormir. Because frankly, we don’t have the energy to cry.





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