Attack on Titan: Why did Marco Bott have to die?

Marco Bott was a brilliant soldier and a voice of reason during times of trouble. His relationships with Jean and Armin were brief but nevertheless, had a deep impact on them. He was one of the few ones who believed in Jean‘s leadership skills because Jean understands what it’s like to fear. 

He dreamt of joining the Military Police for reasons that were in stark contrast to many of the soldiers. However, his dreams were cut short after he was eaten in half by a Titan. The discovery was intensely traumatic for Jean and Annie, who could be seen in catatonic states of shock. 


From the first season itself, there were hints that his death was quite shady and foul play was likely involved. Let’s investigate the incident of Marco Bott‘s death and find out why he had to die.

When did Marco die?


Marco Bott died during the Battle of Trost District Arc in Attack on Titan Season 1. After the Colossal Titan breaches the wall, a swarm of Titans floats in and kills off many recruits with ease. This lowers the morale of many recruits and despite the despair in the air, Marco does his best to motivate them.

However, later at the end of this arc, his half-eaten body is found by his friend Jean, who is left wondering how he died. Jean is left in a catatonic state from the shock of seeing his dear friend in such a gory state.

How did Marco Bott die in Attack on Titan? Who killed him?

Marco, getting eaten alive

During the Battle of Trost District Arc, Reiner and Bertholt are overheard by Marco talking about how the walls they breached are being sealed. Initially, even Marco thinks it’s a joke but later, he makes the connection and realizes the looming threat of there being Titan-shifters

However, Reiner decides to pursue him and manhandles him after realising he’s too smart to be left alone. Later, Annie arrives and is told to remove his ODM gear to prove her loyalty to Marley. She reluctantly removes it, while Marco pleads for his life in tears and sheer terror.

The trio watches in horror as Marco gets half his body eaten by a Titan. It is in this scene that Reiner’s split in identity is revealed as he asks who killed Marco and what happened. His confusion between his identity as a warrior and as a soldier is exemplified, making us see the depths of his character.

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