Best Things About My Hero Academia’s League Of Villains

Here is everything you need to know about the best thing about My Hero Academia’s League of Villains.

Some Of The Villains Are More Respectable Than The HeroesSome Of The Villains Are More Respectable Than The Heroes

There’s no denying that the League has done unspeakably terrible things. But they’re no worse than some of the heroes. Shigaraki once said, “Heroes and villains both thrive on violence, but we’re still categorized.”

Though Endeavor is trying to atone for his past, there’s just no forgiving that kind of generational abuse. Endeavor is probably the most prominent example of why society is losing faith in heroes, especially after Dabi revealed the hell he put himself and his siblings through when they were growing up.

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Most Of Them Have Interesting BackstoriesMost Of Them Have Interesting Backstories

The League of Villains’ members have some of the most interesting backstories in My Hero Academia. Shigaraki came from a tragic past where his father abused him. The rest of his family covered it up, and then he discovered his love for destruction when his quirk manifested.

Left to fend for himself on the streets, no one came to save Shigaraki until All For One took him under his wing and manipulated him into doing his bidding. Similarly, Twice was abandoned by society and had no choice but to use his quirk to simulate human companionship.

Everyone In The League Has Each Other’s BacksEveryone In The League Has Each Other's Backs

For as many big personalities as the League is home to, it’s a miracle that they all get along well. Every member of the League has each other’s backs. They’re always ready to throw their lives on the line for their comrades.

Twice, in particular, had a penchant for defending his friends to the death. After all, these were the only people who ever showed him some kindness and understanding.

The League Of Villains Is Unique Compared To Other Villain Organizations In AnimeThe League Of Villains Is Unique Compared To Other Villain Organizations In Anime

My Hero Academia’s League of Villains is a bit of an oddball amongst other villain syndicates in anime. After all, this is a group of troubled people with personalities that, in theory, would be incompatible. Yet, they all work so well together.

They all share a common goal but have microcosms of ideals among each of them. Compared to other villain organizations in anime, the League feels entirely disorganized yet perfectly coherent all at the same time.

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The League Is Home To Many Of MHA’s Strongest QuirksThe League Is Home To Many Of MHA's Strongest Quirks

My Hero Academia’s villains have some of the series’ strongest quirks. Shigaraki’s Decay was already powerful, but his recent power creep turned him nearly invincible. Dabi’s blue flames can burn up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit, far surpassing his father’s Hellflame.

Twice’s Double is often forgotten when talking about the series’ most powerful quirks. But it could wreak nationwide havoc if he creates enough copies of himself. The League is fearsome for several reasons, and its variety of quirks is one of the biggest ones.

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