Black Clover Chapter 306 Release Date and Spoilers


Black Clover Episode 305 made a massive dent in the overall plot as two knights battle the last and the most powerful member of the Dark Triad. The raid of the Spade Kingdom might soon be over resulting in either a victory or defeat. 

We saw Yuno preparing to use his brilliant use of the Spirit of Euros technique. However, the chances of Zenon getting defeated so easily are very slim if not impossible. The duo might have to overcome their limits to even hope of defeating Zenon. 

If you’re interested to know more about the upcoming chapter, Black Clover Chapter 306, please read further. 

Black Clover Chapter 306 Release Date

The upcoming chapter will be getting released on September 17, 2021. In some regions, it’ll be released on September 18, 2021. Hopefully, there won’t be any unforeseen delays like last time. 



Black Clover Chapter 305 Recap

Here’s a brief description of what happened in the previous chapter:

  • Yuno asked Langris to distract Zenon while he prepares to launch his massive attack called “Spirit of Euros” to defeat Zenon. 
  • Zenon is a user of Spatial magic which means that he uses Absolute Space Magic, canceling the ability of mages to chant magic attacks in that area. 
  • However, Langris has mastered Mana Zone and has plenty of mana because of which he’s able to nullify Zenon’s spatial magic. 
  • Langris has been able to improve his Mana Zone drastically as we saw he’s able to create a zone within Zenon’s zone. 
  • This Mana Zone stopped Yuno from getting attacked. Langris finally accepted Yuno as his Vice captain, a moment fans will cherish. 
  • In an emotional scene, Langris talked about how impressed he was by how unselfish his strength was. 
  • Zenon shattered Langris’ Mana Zone, citing the uselessness of emotions in the face of enormous power. 
  • Towards the end, we saw Yuno getting ready to shoot his special Euros attack at Zenon. 

Black Clover Chapter 306 Spoilers

We haven’t received any spoilers yet as the raw scans will get released either on September 15 or 16. However, we can make some speculations as to what will happen in the next chapter. 

Zenon might get defeated but the chances of that happening are slim since Zenon himself is quite strong and can easily dodge the attack. We might see Yuno using other attacks to defeat Zenon. 

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Where To Read Black Clover

You can read the manga on Viz Media and MangaPlus

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