Bleach: Aizen VS Kenpachi Zaraki: Who Would Win?

Aizen VS Zaraki Bleach

It’s a fun exercise to fantasize about two characters in love and ship them. However, another equally fun exercise is to fantasize about two characters engaging in a fight, what powers and abilities they’ll use, and who’d win.

These kinds of exercises are how fans fill the gaps of what the mangaka is unable to do. It helps restore some agency and control to fans over a plot they have no control over. 

Shipping Characters

In the same light, many Bleach fans have been discussing the possibility of an Aizen VS Kenpachi battle. Many fans have been keeping themselves busy with trying to figure out who would win in such a battle: Aizen VS Kenpachi. So, let’s weigh both sides.

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Aizen Would Defeat Kenpachi Easily

Though Kenpachi may outweigh Aizen in terms of strength, Aizen has enough tricks up his sleeve to outmatch Kenpachi with ease. Aizen can easily use his Kyoka Suigetsu to make Kenpachi fight with thin air, stab somebody else, and what-not. 

Kyoka Suigetsu’s illusions are so strong that its effect left Soul Society completely helpless during the Fake Karakura Town Battle. Many Captain-level Shinigamis like Toshiro Hitsugaya, Shunsui Kyoraku, Soi Fon, Komamura, and many more were defeated by Aizen in a matter of mere seconds. 

Aizen Bleach
Aizen Bleach

Even without Kyoka Suigetsu, his prowess in Kido spells and intelligence can completely tilt the battle in favor of Aizen. For instance, he effortlessly defeated Sajin Komamura, the former 7th Division Captain, using Kido spell, Hado #90 Kurohitsugi without an incantation. 

Aizen's Kyoka Suigetsu Bleach
Aizen’s Kyoka Suigetsu Bleach

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Because of all the reasons mentioned above, it’s safe to say that Aizen would win in a “Sosuke Aizen VS Kenpachi Zaraki” battle.

Kenpachi Zaraki Might Win

However, the chances of Kenpachi Zaraki winning aren’t entirely nil. Zaraki has immense infinite potential, which he’s proved countless times. He has even defeated the likes of Retsu Yachiru Unohana, the first Kenpachi, whose very existence was obstructing Zaraki to reach his immense potential. 

Unohana gets impaled by Kenpachi Zaraki
Unohana gets impaled by Kenpachi Zaraki

Furthermore, when Kaname Tosen used his Bankai against him, he easily defeated Kaname based on pure instinct. After his training at Muken with Unohana, he has become much stronger and that’s why he stands a chance against the likes of Aizen.

Though Kenpachi Zaraki fights based on pure strength, his instinct and natural feel for battle mean that he’ll give Aizen a hard time. 

The Speculative Verdict 

After weighing both sides, it’s safe to conclude that Aizen will defeat Zaraki. However, Zaraki won’t let Aizen off easily and Aizen will have a tougher time defeating the infamous, battle-crazed Kenpachi.


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