Bleach: Soi Fon’s Zanpakutou Suzumebachi

Soi Fon is the Captain of the Second Division in the Bleach Universe, having served in the Omnitsukido from a very young age. Having served as a subordinate to the Shunpo (Flash) Goddess Yoruichi Shihoin, she is intensely loyal to her. She believes in following orders strictly and believes that matters of good and evil hardly matter. 


Soi Fon is an expert at the art of assassination coming from a family of assassins. She’s incredibly fast, which aids in her ability to sneak up behind people and effortlessly assassinate them. She’s an expert at both Kido and Hakuda, because of which she can use both in devastating combinations.


Both she and Yoruichi Shihoin are experts at the technique called Shunko, which is a combination of both Kido and Hakuda. She unsuccessfully attempted to use this technique against her former captain, only to be defeated with ease.


She uses her Zanpakutou, Suzumebachi with remarkable tenacity and speed. Her Zanpakutou is the perfect ability for an assassin to be equipped with. Let’s find out what powers Suzumebachi has and how Soi Fon uses it in her thrilling battles.


Suzumebachi’s Shikai Release State

Her Shikai Release state takes the form of a black gauntlet with golden stripes. This gauntlet is connected with her stinger (attached to her middle finger) via a small chain. Her Shikai state has a special ability that allows her to wipe out her opponents.

Soi Fon’s Shikai

After her opponent gets stabbed with the stinger, a stamp bearing the shape of a butterfly (called Hōmonka) appears on that part. If Soi Fon is able to stab her opponent at the same spot, her opponent will die. This is due to a poison secreted by Suzumebachi, which is extremely lethal. 


This Hōmonka stamp can’t disappear as it’s under Soi Fon’s will. This technique of hers is called the Nigeki Kessatsu. Soi Fon can also stab herself with her blade to counteract venoms in her body. 


Suzumebachi’s Bankai Release State

Soi Fon releases her Bankai using her release command “Jakuhō Raikōben“. This state manifests a gold-colored missile launcher, that envelops her entire right arm. It extends to her right face to act as a shield. As this power is massive and destructive, she needs to tie a metal sash surrounding the building she stood on.

Suzumebachi Jakuho Raikoben

She needs to aim this missile and prepare for a hit. This precision strike can be deadly as it results in a deafening and destructive explosion. Her Bankai can even severely disable Captain-level Espadas like Barragan Louisenbairn


However, Soi Fon has often remarked that she doesn’t like using her Bankai as it’s too big and heavy for use. She considers this to be a shame as she’s the leader of the Omnitsukido.

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