Blue Lock Chapter 163 Raw Scan, Release Date, and Other Details

Our typical sports manga goes something like this: teamwork, friendship, and we are the heroes, however, Blue Lock hits a new note that only Blue Lock readers would understand. Yes, Blue Lock Chapter 163 Release Date is now available. Readers see a lot of potential in this anime because it contains everything.

Greed and egoism are the primary drivers of outstanding accomplishments. So happy that such ideas are viewed favourably, now every fan of this unique manga series is interested in learning more about the plot of the next chapter. When is the next chapter coming out? What will happen in the following chapter?


About Blue Lock

The story begins with Japan’s exclusion from the 2018 FIFA World Cup, prompting the Japanese Football Union to launch a campaign evaluating high school players for the 2022 Cup. Isagi Yoichi, a forward, was invited to this programme shortly after his team was denied entry to Nationals because he passed to a less-skilled teammate – who missed – instead of attempting to score the game-winning goal himself.

Ego Jinpachi will be their coach, and he plans to “destroy Japanese loser football” by instituting a radical new training regimen that involves isolating 300 young forwards in a prison-like facility known as “Blue Lock” and subjecting them to rigorous training aimed at producing “the world’s greatest egotist striker.”


Blue Lock Chapter 162 Recap

Kaiser’s powers are discussed in this chapter, as well as how Isagi defeats him at his own game. Surprisingly, the Blue Lock monster has taken a significant step forward. Bachira not only beat Kunigami in a tough battle, but he also kept an eye on the game’s flow and scored the game’s winning goal.

The Spanish team, on the other hand, was formidable, and their passing and tiki-taka flair enthralled everyone. The game style is comparable to what Pep Guardiola developed at FC Barcelona during his term as manager.

Tiki-taka is a combination of rapid passing and constant movement into the opponent’s area in an attempt to find a scoring player. Bachira’s playing style and methods have dramatically improved as he has grown.

He’s now experimenting with not only his instincts but also all rational ways. Kunigami, on the other hand, continues to play the game in the same manner as before, and his egocentric style of play is a hindrance to the German squad Bastard Munchen’s style of play.

Despite the fact that Isagi is now on the bench, his game analysis is impressive, and it won’t be long until he figures out what the missing component is to join the Bastard Munchen team.

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Blue Lock Chapter 163 Spoilers

Kaiser’s numbers and ability show that he is currently one of the most promising young players on the planet. It will be fascinating to see how he responds to the opponent in front of him, particularly given his team’s present deficit. Maybe now is the best opportunity to witness his complete dominance and game style at its most awful.

With a team like Bastard Munchen, Kunigami couldn’t play his egotistic game. As a result, it will be fascinating to see how he reacts to this and how much progress he makes in order to prove his value as the team’s second-best player.

Due to Kaiser’s challenge, Isagi is already on the bench in their first match. The game will last ten minutes, with the winning team being the first to score three goals. If the score remains 2-2, Noel Noa and Lavinho may be called upon to play.

Blue Lock Chapter 163 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 163 is scheduled to be released on 16th February 2022.

Blue Lock Chapter 163 Raw Scan

Blue Lock is a weekly manga that updates every seven days. Blue Lock Chapter 163 will be published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine on WednesdayFebruary 16, 2022. The raw scans will be released around3 days before the official release date.

Where to Read Blue Lock?

You can read Blue lock Chapter 163 on Kodansha.



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