Strongest Weapons In My Hero Academia


Here is everything you need to know about the strongest weapons in My Hero Academia.

Kaminari’s Sharpshooting GearKaminari's Sharpshooting Gear

Denki Kaminari might be a side character, but his Electrification Quirk has the potential to make him a first-class Pro Hero. Unfortunately, he is unable to manipulate the power that pours out of his body with enough precision, forcing him to limit his total energy yield.

Although his most powerful Super Move can emit 2 million volts of electricity, using this technique puts Kaminari completely out of commission. He uses an outfit upgrade, Sharpshooting Gear, to direct his power in the direction of his choice—helping prevent friendly fire errors as well as increasing his chances of victory.

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Kyoka Jiro’s Amplifier Jack

Kyoka Jiro's Amplifier Jack

Kyoka Jiro’s Earphone Jack is an extension of her love for everything sonic and music in particular. The Quirk helps her perceive auditory elements that cannot be picked up by ordinary ears or highly sensitive microphones.

Power Loader creates Amplifier Jack, a pair of wrist-holstered speakers that intensify Kyoka’s sensory abilities. Not to mention providing enough vibrational energy to shatter rock. With that said, Kyoka probably needs a secondary upgrade on Amplifier Jack if she wants to go on the offensive during combat.

Gang Orca’s Cement GunGang Orca's Cement Gun

Gang Orca and his many Sidekicks assist the Hero Public Safety Commission in the second stage of the Provisional Hero License Exam. The Pro Hero employs his devastating Orcinus Quirk and his minions are armed to the teeth with Cement Guns.

These weapons produce indefinite amounts of quick-dry cement through multiple outlets. While the ammo isn’t exactly threatening in nature, it is exceptionally successful in incapacitating the young student heroes.


Re-Destro’s ClaustroRe-Destro's Claustro

Re-Destro’s Stress requires a certain threshold of emotional energy. This limitation is disadvantageous in cheerful scenarios but has the opposite result when Re-Destro is pushed to his emotional limits.

Under natural conditions, 100% Stress output is more than capable of destroying his opponents. Re-Destro leaves nothing to chance, though, and uses Detnerat’s Claustro mechanism to charge his stress levels all the way up to 150%.

David Shield’s Quirk AmplifierDavid Shield's Quirk Amplifier

David Shield is nothing less than a genius, using his Squirmy Fingers Quirk to develop superior-quality inventions. His creations include All Might’s Young Age outfit and the Quirk Amplification Device. The latter is twisted out of Shield’s control by the main villain, Wolfram, in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.

The Quirk Amplification Device was originally constructed to help All Might enhance the burning embers of his fading Quirk. The I-Island authorities are justifiably too scared to permit anyone access to the machine.


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