Kingdom Chapter 708: Release Date and Spoilers

Kingdom Season 4 Episode 19

The Plan B to have Ko Haku Kou clear the way for Ryuhaku’s unit so that they can get Kanki’s head also fails. Ryuhaku’s marches forward after being held off briefly by Ri Shin’s unit. However, before Ryuhaku can get to Kanki, the unexpected happens. Here you will find everything you need to know about the upcoming Kingdom Chapter 708.

About Kingdom 

Kingdom is a historical manga which presents a fictionalized account of the Warring States period of China. It follows the story of war orphan Ri Shin who fights to become the greatest general. His ambition is to unify China after 500 years of violence and war. 

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Recap of Kingdom Chapter 707

Ri Shin’s army approaches to prevent Lord Ryuhaku’s army from reaching Kanki’s camp. Lord Ryuhaku rallies the troops to break through Ri Shin’s unit. “Don’t let a single one of them through,” Ri Shin roars to his soldiers.

In the battle, Ryuhaku terrifies enemy soldiers with his brute strength; there is a faceoff between him and Ri Shin who asks his soldiers to leave Ryuhaku to him. The Ryuhaku unit is angry over being held off even as they are very close to Kanki’s headquarter.

Kingdom Chapter 708

Lord Ko Haku recgonises the Ri Shin banner and decides to cover the Ryuhaku unit so that they can advance towards Kanki. He commands his soldiers to assume the Ran Ha formation. The people in siege have no hope of the Ryuhaku army making it through while. Sir Denei is killed by someone.

Rei feels her sword is heavier than before and she accosts the knife to behave properly. Ko Haku Kou and his soldiers are able to clear a path for Ryuhaku to move forward. He asks, Ryuhaku to kill Kanki and they dream of drinking in the afterlife from his skull, and they share a touching moment together.

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Ryuhaku makes his way out of the cleared path. Ri Shin decides to go after him and asks Sosui En to handle things in his absence.

Meanwhile, Ri Shin’s blockade has allowed Kanki to strengthen his defenses. Ryuhaku bravely leads the charge even as a hailstorm of Kanki arrows fall on his unit and many are killed. 

Kingdom Chapter 708

But as he is advancing, Ri Shin approaches him from behind. Kanki merely watches on, assured that no harm would come to him meanwhile his soldier asks for Ryuhaku to be caught alive when she recognises who he actually is.

Ryuhaku is surprised and before he can attack first, Ri Shin slashes his weapon across his chest and blood sprays out to the cries of the Ryuhaku soldiers. At the end of Kingdom Chapter 707, We see Ri Shin lies with his head hung down, with remorse on his face. 

Spoilers for Kingdom Chapter 708

We are really interested to see how Kanki will meet his end as his ferociousness only gets worse over time. Zhao has lost another general in Ryuhaku even though his diverse cast of generals continues to grow.

Kingdom Chapter 708

Shibashou is one character that every Kingdom fan is looking forward to. Kingdom Chapter 708 might give us more clues as to Rei’s battle troubles and developing the subplot. 

Kingdom Chapter 708 Release date

There will be no delay in the release of Kingdom Chapter 708 as armies from Northern and Southern China will continue to war in Medieval China. The Raw Scenes were released on 31st January itself. The English version will be released on 6th February.

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Where to read

There is no legal website to read Kingdom. But you can do it here.

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