Boruto Anime Reveals Boruto Uzumaki’s Hinata


Boruto anime has shown us a little bit of who Boruto might end up with if he is anything like his father, Naruto.

Like father, like son?

Well, while many think that Boruto will be more of a Sasuke than Naruto, this one thing, according to what the anime is indicating, might mean that Boruto will take after Naruto in this thing alone.

When Naruto was in Boruto’s age, he was already at the back of Sakura Chan, whom he tried to fight Sasuke for. We saw him lose miserably and still choose her over and over again.

Naruto was a Dumbo, to be frank. He didn’t see the most obvious things like how the fourth Hokage might be his father because he looks an awful lot like him.


Now, Boruto might be into a different thing that is of no use too, but he doesn’t have any crush as of now.

Not so Naruto, after all?

By now, Naruto started using Sexy Jutsu and was getting trained by a serial pervert but thank God Boruto is not on that path and is being trained by a guy who might as well be a monk.

But we got to see Sumire show a lot of characteristics that Hinata had. Well, not in every angle because young Hinata was no way powerful as Sumire is now, and she also was not filled with vengeance to destroy the village.


But the way she looks onto Boruto reminds us a lot of Hinata. In every fight and every scene, we see her; she is actually rooting for Boruto.

She blatantly doesn’t use his name, but she actually tries to defend him or stop the others.

But when the gang went to her lab with the scientist, we saw how much she loved seeing Boruto there.


As usual, the Uzumaki boys are dumb. Boruto still can’t stop calling her Class Rep and can’t see she is excited to meet him.

But Boruto, in the end, does show some minuscule excitement when he learns that she will be back in the village.

This clears the current manga plot!

Later in the series, we will see that Sumire is even ready to risk her life trying to learn about Karma for Boruto.

Since the manga didn’t show any attraction between Boruto and Sumire, it looked odd that she would risk her life like that. The anime just explained it well.


After all, it was Boruto who gave her the benefit of the doubt and fought for her, so obviously, she has a crush on him. Let’s see how the anime grows that plot.


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