Boruto Episode 193: Is It A Good Choice To Keep Kawaki In Naruto’s House?

We could tell you one thing for sure: violence leads to nothing in Naruto or Boruto anime, and dealing Kawaki with violence is of no use.

Episode 193 Bombshell

We get to see Kawaki finally wake up in the last episode that was streamed on Crunchyroll. We also get to see Kawaki making a run for it.

Well, it didn’t last long because he was smart and realized that there is no escaping Naruto and comes back.

It’s better that they both decided not to use force this time because, frankly, there is no telling on what will happen if they both do.

Boruto, who thinks Kawaki is out of his life for good, sees him at home and is shocked and agitated. Naruto drops the bombshell but also convinces Boruto.


Kawaki – The Modern Day Jinchūriki

No matter how you see, Kawaki is one of the modern-day Jinchūriki. People hate him and fear him looking at his power, he has something uncontrollable inside him, and he didn’t ask for it.

Well, all these just sums up what our old Jinchūrikis felt. Even though some became good friends by the end, they had some bitter experiences with their tailed beasts.

Jinchūriki even though all of them faced so many discriminations, they were left to roam free. Most of them stayed sane and avoided getting into the dark side, but the remaining didn’t.

No matter how you put it, you need a heart like Naruto to stay in the light and ensure goodness is not depleted.

Is this the right choice by Naruto?

Naruto is someone who believes that there is good in everyone. No matter how many people tell him to give up, he will make sure he brings out the good in people.

Keeping Kawaki out of prison may have been a good idea, but bringing home not so much. Kawaki actually deserves to see how normal people live and love, so in one way, it is good.

But until he warms up completely and accepts them, which will take longer, it would be a little chaotic with Boruto also living there.

We already saw poor Himawari’s Vase take the brunt of Kawaki’s anger. Let’s just hope the vase is the last thing he destroys in the house.





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