Boruto Chapter 74: Release Date, Spoilers, and Other Details

Boruto Chapter 74

Read this article to learn more about the upcoming Boruto Chapter 74 its release date and other details.

About Boruto

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a Naruto spin-off manga series. It is written by Ukyō Kodachi and Masashi Kishimoto, with illustrations by Mikio Ikemoto. The series is about Naruto’s son Boruto and his adventures. He is accompanied by his friends as they explore the Ninja World.

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Recap of Boruto Chapter 73

The previous chapter was titled “Special Mission.” Shikamaru called Team 7 right away for a mission they could only do. Despite Boruto’s excitement, it wasn’t exactly what he had expected. Shikamaru updates everyone on what happened with Code, Amado, and Eida. He informs everyone that Amado was kidnapped and that to survive, he had to remove Code’s limiters. He says that Eida has severed ties with Code and is on his way to Konoha.


Boruto Chapter 74

Shikamaru then informs them of their new mission, which involves Boruto and Kawaki sharing a room with Eida. Shikamaru devised this strategy to ensure enough observation because they are both safe from Eida’s enchantment. Eida is flustered on the train because her Senrigan allows her to see and hear everything. During the conversation, Kawaki made light of Eida’s intelligence, so Shikamaru tells them of her Senrigan skills.

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The panel then cuts to an outdoor scene with Sasuke and Naruto talking. They’re talking about Shikamaru’s plan for Boruto, Kawaki, and Eida to live together. Then, all of a sudden, Kawaki sees Momoshiki standing next to Boruto. Sasuke can also feel Momoshiki’s presence because he felt the same way when Boruto beat Momoshiki in Chapter 10.


Boruto Chapter 74: What to expect?

The raw scans and spoilers for Boruto Chapter 74 aren’t out yet. They usually emerge out before 2-3 days of the chapter’s release. We can expect the spoilers and the raw scans to be out by the 17th of October.

Boruto Chapter 74

Boruto Chapter 74 will most likely continue the current events, and Eida will finally enter Kohona Village. We can also anticipate interactions between Boruto, Eida, Kawaki, and, of course, Daemon. Shikamaru’s approach to the mission’s delicate nature, as well as discussions with Eida about Konohagakure’s safety, could also be plot points.

Meanwhile, Code is planning his path to becoming a true Otsutsuki, and he has already assembled a force of ten tails transformed into human-like creatures. Because we did not see him in the most recent chapter of Boruto, we may see him in the next chapter and learn about the schemes he is plotting.


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Release Date of Boruto Chapter 74

Boruto Chapter 74 is expected to be released on its regular schedule i.e. on 20th October 2022. 

Where to read

You can read all of Boruto’s chapters on websites like Viz Media and MangaPlus. However, you need to purchase a monthly membership to access them.

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