Boruto Episode 208: The Implications of Boruto’s Momoshiki Manifestation Explained!

Boruto Momoshiki

Boruto Episode 208 was released on the 19th of July 2021. The new episode showed the transformation of Boruto into a being with a horn, some strange blue lines over his face, and a voice with an almost supernatural echo. 

He ended up easily defeating Boro with a massive Rasengan. However, everyone in the Konoha Leaf Village is now worried over how the Karma has infiltrated Boruto’s body. Equally important is the rising suspicions over Kawaki’s true motivations and whether he’s hiding something crucial from them. 

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Boruto Episode 207
Momoshiki’s Manifestation

The episode ends with total ambiguity over what Kawaki will do and whether Boruto and Kawaki have become vessels for some supernatural entities. Let’s take a close look at how Boruto became the vessel for the Karma to understand its implications!

Momoshiki’s Defeat By The Shinobi

It all started when all of Naruto’s allies got together to rescue Naruto after he was captured by Momoshiki. Though all of them were strong and had the required experience, they weren’t able to defeat the God. 

By some miracle and a dash of combined effort, Boruto Uzumaki landed the finishing blow using his Rasengan. Momoshiki chose to give the Karma to Boruto, the least experienced and youngest Shinobi, even bypassing the likes of Naruto and Sasuke.

Boruto and Momoshiki
Boruto and Momoshiki

This decision in favor of Boruto may have been primarily due to two reasons. The first reason could be Boruto being the one to kill him with that final move. The second could probably be the fact that Boruto had a lot more potential due to his youth. Another possibility is that Momoshiki saw the bright future that lay ahead for Boruto. 

Why Are Boruto’s Teammates and Elders Worried?

Boruto’s teammates are very concerned about the fact that Momoshiki took control over his body without Boruto knowing it. It appeared when Boruto’s life was in danger and helped save him and all his friends. Still then, that transformation gives them great anxiety because Momoshiki Otsutsuki could end up controlling Boruto’s body forever. 

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Their concerns are valid considering that there have been cases of this scenario happening.  Furthermore, Momoshiki seems to have some malicious reasons behind giving this Karma to Boruto, who still bears the mark of the curse on his hand. After all, the dreaded Otsutsuki is a very cunning person who is well-known for his trickery.

Boruto Episode 208: Sasuke expresses his concern
Sasuke expresses his concern

Kawaki has come to the point where he can exercise control over his Karma. However, we’ve seen Jigen getting totally possessed by Isshiki Otsutsuki. If Momoshiki has the same plans, Boruto is in for some real trouble. 

Is Boruto Not A Normal Human Anymore?

In Boruto Episode 208, we see multiple flashbacks of Momoshiki telling him that those who fight with the Gods won’t be normal humans anymore. This statement could possibly mean that Boruto will gain access to tremendous strength and power, which will make him invincible.

Boruto Episode 208: Boruto's Momoshiki Manifestation Defeats Boro with a Rasengan
Boruto’s Momoshiki Manifestation Defeats Boro with a Rasengan

We’ve seen this case happening in Episode 208 itself when he defeated Boro single-handedly in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, Boro was an incredibly strong man who couldn’t be defeated by the entire strength of Team 7 (including Kawaki). 

Boruto Episode 209 Release Date

The next episode, titled Nokemono, will be released on Funimation and Crunchyroll on the 26th of July 2021.

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