Bleach: 5 Best Fights That Every Fan Won’t Forget!

Bleach: 5 Best Fights That Every Fan Won't Forget!

Bleach is indeed one of the most popular anime series all around the world. Moreover, it is especially known for having memorable characters and intense fight sequences. Meanwhile, it is time to pay our respects to some of the best fights in the Bleach franchise.

5 best fights in Bleach

Ichigo Kurosaki vs Byakuya Kuchiki

The duel between Ichigo and Byakuya was inevitable after the latter outclassed the former during their first showdown. Moreover, during the fight not only Ichigo’s Bankai’s power is revealed but also his Hollowfied version makes an appearance for the first time.

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Ichigo Kurosaki vs Ulquiorra Cife

Bleach: 5 Best Fights That Every Fan Won't Forget!

Ichigo was forced to fight Ulquiorra while trying to help Orihime. Additionally, Ulquiorra is arguably one of the strongest Arrancars. Furthermore, Ulquiorra was initially dominating their fight. But Ichigo soon turned into a Hollowfied human which allowed him to pummelled his opponent to the ground.

The Gotei 13 and The Visored vs Sosuke Aizen

Bleach: 5 Best Fights That Every Fan Won't Forget!

The major members of Soul Society along with the Visored try to face off against Aizen following his betrayal in the finale of the Soul Society arc. However, even by combining their abilities, the Gotei 13 failed to land a substantial hit on Aizen.

Ichigo Kurosaki vs Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

Best Fights

Grimmjow seemingly considers Ichigo to be his rival. Hence, he attacks him multiple times with Ichigo barely surviving. Meanwhile, his confrontations with Grimmjow only pushed him to get better again.

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Renji Abarai vs Byakuya Kuchiki

Bleach: 5 Best Fights That Every Fan Won't Forget!

Renji became aware of his mistakes after his wound healed. Thus, he decides to duel Byakuya in order to prevent the execution of his childhood friend Rukia Kuchiki for an unfair reason. However, their battle soon became visceral when both Renji and Byakuya went on to reveal their Bankai. In addition, the fight also serves as a turning point for Renji.

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