Boy Swallows 54 Magnets to Become Magnetic- Undergoes Operation


Curiosity is the only reason behind human progress. We have come a long way because of it. From the time we develop our senses as infants, our curiosity drives us to know more. Children are especially known for their curious nature. Just like that, the curiosity of a boy named Rhiley led him to an emergency operation.

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Boy Swallowed 54 Undergoes Operation

Rhiley Morrison, a 12-year-old boy with ADHD and autism, swallowed 54 magnetic balls on two different planned days to see if they could give him magnetic powers by forming a metal stick in his belly. He was also curious to know how they would look like once they would pass through him.

So, he saved 54 magnets for the same purpose. He swallowed half of them on 1st January and the other half on 4th January. After swallowing them, he was waiting for few days for these magnet balls to come out of him through excretion, but they did not. Then, he told his mother that he accidentally swallowed 2 magnets as he was scared to tell her the truth.

Boy Swallowed 54 Undergoes Operation

So, his mother, Paige Ward, rushed him to the doctor in fear. To her shock, the x-ray revealed that there were 54 magnet balls, and not just 2. They were in Rhiley’s stomach and bowel.

Doctors said that the magnets could cause a lot of harm to Rhiley. They could even burn through his tissue or vital organs and caused fatal damages. They immediately took him to an emergency operation.

Boy Swallowed 54 Undergoes Operation

Even after the emergency operation successfully ended, Rhiley faced some complications. He was vomiting green liquid caused by his bowel leaking. He was also unable to eat or go to the toilet.

But the good news is that Rhiley is now recovering at home. He is all safe and sound. His mother wishes to share this incident with every parent to warn them about the danger these toys carry with them.

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